Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The 11 Best Songs By Buddy Holly

Been on vacation for the past two not as much time to commit to the posting as usual.

One catch up I had to do was a Buddy Holly post.  With the crazy good new tribute album out, I had to do a list for one rock's trailblazing original stars.  Buddy Holly had everything:  geek appeal, hooky songs, was poppy enough to be mainstream but edgy enough to push off parents.  He had charm and charisma.  And as much as he came off as the boy next door, there was a side of him that he was the rebel who you didn't want near your teenage daughter.  Yes, the plane crash made him the first true rock n roll tragedy.  But if he wasn't as brilliant as he was...then the crash would not have meant as much as it did.  Fifty...yes, fifty years later, his songs have ripened with age...and may even be better now than they were when they came out.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Buddy Holly:

1.  Everyday (Buddy Holly)
2.  Rave On (Buddy Holly)
3.  Oh Boy! (The "Chirping" Crickets)
4.  Blue Days, Black Nights (That'll Be The Day)
5.  Rock Around With Ollie Vee (That'll Be The Day)
6.  That'll Be The Day (The "Chirping" Crickets)
7.  True Love Ways (The Buddy Holly Story 2)
8.  Not Fade Away (The "Chirping" Crickets)
9.  Peggy Sue (Buddy Holly)
10.  You're So Square (Buddy Holly)
11.  It's So Easy (The Buddy Holly Story)

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Ralphsrec said...

My top Buddy songs would have to be:

1. Maybe Baby
2. It's So Easy
3. Lonesome Tears
4. Crying, Waiting, Hoping
5. Wishing
6. Love's Made a Fool Of You
7. Love Is Strange
8. You're So Square
9. Words of Love
10. Peggy Sue Got Married

sarah said...

all of them except for Raining in my Heart, to sweet, not bluesy enough

Einstein's Brain said...

I LOVE his version of "Love is Strange". The intro is amazing. I think it's better than Mickey and Sylvia's version. Their version is OK though. I wish Holly's was used in "Dirty Dancing". Yet Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Warrens wouldn't have been able to sing to each other on the mats with Holly's version.

Unknown said...

1. That'll Be The Day
2. Peggy Sue
3. Rave On
4. Oh Boy!
5. Maybe Baby
6. Everyday
7. Peggy Sue Got Married
8. Think It Over
9. Wishing
10. Heartbeat

Unknown said...

1 what to do
2 crying , waiting , hoping
3 words of love
4 true love ways
5 learning the game
6 ready teddy
7 it doesn't matter anymore
8 valley of tears
9 fools paradise
10 maybe baby

Donald Carroll said...

#1: Dearest