Monday, September 12, 2011

The Unknown: Sleater-Kinney - BBC Sessions

With an insane week of new releases...I have no idea where to start or even where to go from here.  New albums drop on Tuesday from Das Racist, Ladytron, Mates of State, Blitzen Trapper, Kevin Devine, Girls, Kooks, Lady Antebellum, St. Vincent, Saves The Day...not to mention some classic artists making big returns like Primus, Alice Cooper, Bush, Anthrax, Blondie, and the Human League. The biggest drop might be two enormous live Hendrix box sets.

My favorite and easily my most anticipated is the newest supergroup featuring members of Sleater-Kinnery and Helium, Wild Flag.  It's about time we have some women making real rock again...and I know the girls of SK will not disappoint.  Here's a reminder of how bad ass SK used to be.

Here are the Sleater-Kinney BBC Sessions (Compilation):

1.  One More Hour
2.  I Want To Be Yr Joey Ramone
3.  Turn It On
4.  Banned From The End Of the World
5.  Words and Guitar
6.  End of You
7.  Not What You Want
8.  Get Up
9.  Words and Guitar
10.  Good Things
11.  Battle of a Ladyman
12. The Professional
13. You're No Rock N Roll Fun
14.  Fortunate Son

Buy Wild Flag's new album, Wild!!!

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Any chance of a re-up on this, please?