Thursday, October 17, 2013

The 11 Best Song By Morcheeba

Built out of the ashes of the trip-hop movement in the '90s, Morcheeba may be the lone survivor of a genre that seems to ripen with age.  With only a thread of Massive Attack remaining, a Portishead that may be still around but who really knows, and Tricky who gave up trip-hop for a less longstanding '90s genre called grunge, Morcheeba remains the only artist from that era who is still keeping pace.  Their last album wasn't just a welcome return, it was like the band transported it via telephone booth from 1996 to our doorsteps (or earbuds).  Trip-hop was a brief moment in musical time.  It hit softly, made a little imprint, but has withheld the test of time.  Like Pearl Jam, Morcheeba has struggled but emerged stronger than ever.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Morcheeba:
  1. Blindfold (The Big Calm)
  2. The Music That We Here (The Big Calm)
  3. Tape Loop (Who Can You Trust?)
  4. Blood Like Lemonade (Blood Like Lemonade)
  5. Undress Me Now (Charango)
  6. Trigger Hippie (Who Can You Trust?)
  7. Recipe For Disaster (Blood Like Lemonade)
  8. Wonders Never Cease (The Antidote)
  9. Otherwise (Charango)
  10. Part of the Process (The Big Calm)
  11. God Bless And Goodbye (The Antidote)
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