Thursday, October 24, 2013

The 11 Best Songs By Tears For Fears of the 80s

Reunions are a tricky thing.  This week Slash said he would be open to a GNR reunion.  Gene Simmons said there's no way KISS would reunite for the Hall of Fame ceremony.  And Boston announced a new album with deceased singer Brad Delp on lead vocals.  If you can get a dead guy to reunite and sing with you, then anything is possible.  The Tears for Fears split in the early 90s seemed like it was a done deal with Roland carrying on the TFT name solo.  Though their creative differences weren't the worst musical break-up we've seen, it seemed like a reunion was a broken dream.  Then in 2004, on a break from their illustrious solo careers, Smith and Roland reunited not just for some gigs but even recorded a whole new album.  It wasn't 80s bliss but it was entertaining.  Now despite this year's cover of the Arcade Fire's Ready To Start, the band's best song in 25 years, it was the '80s where they sowed their seeds.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Tears For Fears of the 80s:
  1. Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Songs From The Big Chair)
  2. Head Over Heels (Songs From The Big Chair)
  3. Mad World (The Hurting)
  4. Shout (Songs From The Big Chair)
  5. Change (The Hurting)
  6. Watch Me Bleed (The Hurting)
  7. Pale Shelter (The Hurting)
  8. Sowing The Seeds Of Love (The Seeds Of Love)
  9. Mothers Talk (Songs From The Big Chair)
  10. The Way You Are (The Way You Are)
  11. Year of the Knife (The Seeds of Love)
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