Thursday, February 08, 2007

The 11 Best Tracks on Bloc Party's "ANOTHER Weekend in the City"

The greatest thing about loving music is discovering new music before your friends do. There is no feeling greater than turning a buddy onto a new band that they've never heard of. Well, there is one feeling greater... Having a unreleased track by your friend's favorite band AND being able to introduce them to that. THAT may actually take the cake. As I posted in my last entry, a lost track is like Holy Grail in an audiphile's collection. And when you have one of those tracks and your friends don't then you're just that much cooler. UNLESS, you have an entire album of unreleased tracks. That may be the best.

Enter Bloc Party...

Their new album, A Weekend in the City, has received many lukewarm reviews. It's rather disappointing considering the great B-sides and EP tracks over the past couple of years. "Two More Years," "Hero" and "The Present" were exceptional and paved the way for one mother of an album. Only, the new album isn't that great. Don't get me wrong, it's not's just not that great. So what should you do when you're new album isn't living up to the incredibly high expectations of the world? Release a B-sides album simultaneously...that's actually better than the original album.

Why not release the B-Sides album as the A-sides album instead? Good question! But think about it. Everyone is going to be talking about the "secret B-Sides" album for the next few months. That only means Bloc Party will be on the tips of everyone's tongues. And in publicity and marketing...that's all you can ask for...consumers talking about your product. Hey, I got no work done today because I spent the whole day on the unofficial Bloc Party scavenger hunt!

Currently, it's being calling it "Another Weekend in the City." Since there is no "official" song list yet, here is my version. I think you'll like it.

Bloc Party's ANOTHER Weekend in the City:

1. Version 2.0
2. The Once And Future King
3. Cain Said To Abel
4. Secrets
5. Selfish Son
6. A Vision of Heaven
7. We Were Lovers
8. Rhododendrum
9. Atonement
10. England
11. Emma Kate's Accident

Now since I'm still trying to figure out where to host files, I'm linking to the sites that have the songs. Thank you i guess I'm floating, neiles life, The Test Pilot, The Next To Last Mohican, Indie Christoph., and As The Cry Flows.

AND if anyone can suggest an affordable place to host tracks...I would be very appreciative.


insertnamehear said...

I suggest setting up a rapidshare account. Its very cheap. You could zip and uplood them, and/or upload them seperately. Also, how about A Weekend in the Country as a title?

The Weather Man said...

LOL, A Weekend In the Country? That's what I call my mix of originals and B-sides remastered.

David said...

I prefer this tracklisting...

1. We Were Lovers
2. Secret
3. Cavaliers & Roundheads (new bside)
4. Atonement
5. Rhododendrons
6. Version 2.0
7. Selfish Son
8. England
9. Cain Said To Abel
10. Vision Of Heaven
11. The Once & Future King
12. Emma Kate's Accident