Monday, November 30, 2009

The Unknown: The Bravery - Cowards

I may be the only person who prefers the original version of The Bravery's Sun and the Moon to the new re-produced ultra uber spectacular polished tight-fitting version. To me the first version sounded more natural...more like the band's first album. The new "glitter" version sounds like the dorky guy in math class who keeps offering to do the prom queen's homework. You want to say "Stop it!'re trying too hard." Maybe it's because, to many, The Bravery are the dorky guy in math class. I can't believe how many people think this band just all out sucks. But three albums in...they're hanging on...and honestly, making some damn good catchy music. If you don't think so, take a listen to their B-side collection.

Here is The Bravery - Cowards:

  1. Rocket (Smashing Pumpkins)
  2. It's All I Can Do (The Cars)
  3. Rats in the Walls
  4. An Cat Dubh (U2)
  5. Faces
  6. Oh Glory
  7. Hey Sunshiney Day
  8. Hot Pursuit
  9. Who Left Me Out?
  10. Sorrow (The McCoys)
  11. The Dandy (Rock)

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Unknown: Weezer's Black & White Album (Disc White)

Alright, you turkeys asked for it. Here is the White disc to Weezer's unreleased Black & White Album.

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Unknown: Weezer's Black & White Album (Disc White):
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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The 111 Best Tom Petty Songs

When an American icon comes along with a new album...narrowing his career down to eleven songs isn't just a difficult's an insult. Petty belongs with the greats. Time and time again he has stood up to the record companies and won. Not just once...but many times. He is everything that rock n roll was and everything it should be. He has stood for artists' rights...he has stood against over-production. He blasted the radio industry, American Idol, and everything that is wrong with music today. He made a 4-hour music documentary against all common sense...and in turn made one of the greatest music documentaries of all time. And at the end of the matter how much stands up for or stands against...he backs it up making good honest music...that has only gotten better with time.

Rock on, Tom Petty. Rock on.

The 111 Best Tom Petty Songs:

  1. American Girl (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers)
  2. Refugee (Damn The Torpedoes)
  3. Runnin' Down A Dream (Full Moon Fever)
  4. Breakdown (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers)
  5. Shadow of A Doubt (A Complex Kid) (Damn The Torpedoes)
  6. Learing To Fly (Into The Great Wide Open)
  7. Even The Losers (Damn The Torpedoes)
  8. Zombie Zoo (Full Moon Fever)
  9. I Need To Know (You're Gonna Get It)
  10. I Won't Back Down (Full Moon Fever)
  11. Crawling Back To You (Wildflowers)
  12. The Last DJ (The Last DJ)
  13. King's Highway (Into The Great Wide Open)
  14. Waiting For Tonight (Playback)
  15. Free Fallin' (Full Moon Fever)
  16. The Waiting (Hard Promises)
  17. Don't Do Me Like That - Mudcrutch Version (Playback)
  18. Handle With Care (Traveling Wilburys Volume 1)
  19. Yer So Bad (Full Moon Fever)
  20. Mary Jane's Last Dance (Greatest Hits)
  21. Rebels (Southern Accents)
  22. Square One (Highway Companion)
  23. Love Is Long Road (Full Moon Fever)
  24. A Woman In Love (Hard Promises)
  25. Walls (Circus) - (She's The One)
  26. Finding Out (Long After Dark)
  27. Two Gunslingers (Into The Great Wide Open)
  28. Ways To Be Wicked (Playback)
  29. Saving Grace (Highway Companion)
  30. Wildflowers (Wildflowers)
  31. Here Comes My Girl (Damn The Torpedoes)
  32. Dark of the Sun (Into The Great Wide Open)
  33. Grew Up Fast (She's The One)
  34. Stop Draggin' My Heart Around (Bella Donna)
  35. I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better (Full Moon Fever)
  36. Listen To Her Heart (You're Gonna Get It)
  37. Angel Dream (No. 4) - (She's The One)
  38. Out In The Cold (Into The Great Wide Open)
  39. You and Me (The Last DJ)
  40. Counting On You (Echo)
  41. A Thing About You (Hard Promises)
  42. You Got Lucky (Long After Dark)
  43. Ankle Deep (Highway Companion)
  44. Since You Said You Loved Me (Playback)
  45. Magnolia (You're Gonna Get It)
  46. Letting You Go (Hard Promises)
  47. Depending On You (Full Moon Fever)
  48. A One Story Town (Long After Dark)
  49. Runaway Trains (Let Me Up)
  50. Restless (You're Gonna Get It)
  51. Into The Great Wide Open (Into The Great Wide Open)
  52. Won't Last Long (Echo)
  53. Flirting With Time (Highway Companion)
  54. The Wrong Thing To Do (Mudcrutch)
  55. End of the Line (Traveling Wilburys - Volume 1)
  56. You Wreck Me (Wildflowers)
  57. All Or Nothin' (Into The Great Wide Open)
  58. A Mind With A Heart of Its Own (Full Moon Fever)
  59. So You Want To Be A Rock N Roll Star (Pack Up The Plantation)
  60. King's Road (Hard Promises)
  61. Jammin' Me (Let Me Up)
  62. Century City (Damn The Torpedoes)
  63. Hope You Never (She's The One)
  64. Time To Move On (Wildflowers)
  65. Insider (Hard Promises)
  66. Southern Accents (Southern Accents)
  67. Needles and Pins (Pack Up The Plantation)
  68. We Stand A Chance (Long After Dark)
  69. You're Gonna Get It (You're Gonna Get It)
  70. Dogs On The Run (Southern Accents)
  71. Fooled Again (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers)
  72. I Can't Fight It (Playback)
  73. Dreamville (The Last DJ)
  74. Swingin' (Echo)
  75. Down South (Highway Companion)
  76. Lover of the Bayou (Mudcrutch)
  77. Sea of Heartbreak (Unchained)
  78. The Apartment Song (Full Moon Fever)
  79. A Higher Place (Wildflowers)
  80. Deliver Me (Long After Dark)
  81. Let Me Up (Let Me Up)
  82. One More Day, One More Night (Echo)
  83. Makin' Some Noise (Into The Great Wide Open)
  84. Hurt (You're Gonna Get It)
  85. Poor House (Traveling Wilburys - Volume 3)
  86. Turning Point (Playback)
  87. Blue Moon of Kentucky (Good Rockin' Tonight)
  88. Louisiana Rain (Damn The Torpedoes)
  89. How Many More Days (Let Me Up)
  90. To Find A Friend (Wildflowers)
  91. Damaged By Love (Highway Companion)
  92. Scare Easy (Mudcrutch)
  93. I Will Run To You (Wild At Heart)
  94. Money Becomes King (The Last DJ)
  95. Asshole (She's The One)
  96. Don't Come Around Here No More (Southern Accents)
  97. A Self-Made Man (Let Me Up)
  98. About To Give Out (Echo)
  99. Wake Up Time (Wildflowers)
  100. Crystal River (Mudcrutch)
  101. Night Driver (Highway Companion)
  102. Anything's That Rock N Roll (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers)
  103. Kneeling Drunkard's Plea (Unchained)
  104. Big Weekend (Highway Companion)
  105. Keeping Me Alive (Playback)
  106. When A Kid Goes Bad (The Last DJ)
  107. Room At The Top (Echo)
  108. The Best of Everything (Southern Accents)
  109. It's Good To Be King (Wildflowers)
  110. Orphan of the Storm (Mudcrutch)
  111. You Don't Know How It Feels (Wildflowers)

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Unknown: Morrissey at Pauley Pavilion

So far I've seen some good results from my mini-pledge drive. I promise if I get a few more purchases I'll add the second disc to the Weezer Black & White album. So if you haven't checked out our store...please do so now...lots to choose from. It's not a bad're getting a ultra rare disc of Weezer material...a full length album at a great price...and you feel good for supporting the artists.

One release that came out with only a little fanfare this past week was the new Morrissey B-Side collection, (Swords) pooling together bonus tracks from this decade's albums. In honor of Morrissey diving into his non-mainstream material...I have done likewise. Below is not the best Moz concert...but in fact one that might like to be forgotten. Playing at UCLA's infamous Pauley Pavilion, Moz only made it halfway through the set before the students rushed the stage in a giddy frenzy. It's not often you hear a boot where the show gets canceled mid-gig. But I guarantee you...Moz this makes it worth the listen.

Here is Morrissey Live at Pauley Pavilion:

13. Outro

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The 11 Best Dave Grohl Appearences:

While I'm still waiting on your turkeys to pick up some albums in this month's bargain's a quick list for the only real album of note this week. (yeah sorry...not a John Mayer fan).

This month there's some great albums available in the bargain bin: Anvil, RX Bandits' Mandala, Owl City, Jay-Z Blueprint 3, The 59 Sound, Daft Punk, Edward Sharpe, Islands Vapours, Antlers' Hospice, Nelly Furtado, Blitzen Trapper, Flight of the Conchords, Black Eyed Peas E.N.D., Paul's Boutique, The Clash Live, Minutemen Double Nickels, Decemberists, Relient K mmhmm, Grizzly Bear, Ben Harper, David Bowie...and many others.

Here are The 11 Best Dave Grohl Appearences:

1. Nirvana
2. Foo Fighters
3. The Backbeat Band
4. Queens of the Stone Age (Songs For The Deaf)
5. Late!
6. Dave Grohl Solo (Touch Soundtrack)
7. Probot
8. Buzz Osbourne (King Buzzo)
9. Cat Power (You Are Free)
10. Killing Joke (2003)
11. Scream
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Friday, November 13, 2009

The Unknown: Weezer's Black & White Album (Disc Black)

I know no ever reads this stuff...but I'm hoping today I'm wrong. What I've posted today is disc one of a 2-disc compilation. In order to get disc 2...I need all my readers to go out and support the artists. As much as I love's not free. It's costly to host the files and have my own domain....just turn on all you audiofiles to great new music. So below is a link to a bunch of great albums for only $5. I get pennies for any album you buy...but those pennies add up...and allow me to keep going.

So think of it this way...for $ get a great a whole other album of Weezer goodness. You can't beat that deal with a stick. Happy shopping.
I'll decide by Monday the verdict!
Here is Weezer's Black & White Album (Disc Black):
3. 367
11. Running Man

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Unknown: Weezer - The Grey Album

As most of you discovered...the Purple album is ficitional. It's just a collection of B-sides. But what I've realized over the years is that when you have a bunch of B-sides from a particular barely listen to them. This was especially true when CDs were the primary listening mode. Less so on itunes...but still...I always put on an album first. So, I discovered, when I put B-sides together to form their own album, I not only listen more...I actually enjoy them more. And now with Photoshop...I can make my own cover art. I can make my own tracklist...and make as long or as short as I want. It makes the experience just more user-friendly.

So, continuing on with the tradition. The Grey Album is a collection of demos from Weezer that were up for consideration for Album 5 but didn't make the grade. I don't think I've posted this would love to hear thoughts.

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Here is the Weezer's - The Grey Album:

1. How Long
2. High Up Above
3. Sandwich Time
4. Porcupine
5. Don't Pick On Me
6. Serendipity
7. Your Room
8. Change The World
9. Mr. Taxman
10. Saturday Night
11. Broken Arrow
12. Ain't Got Much Time
13. Zep Jamb
14. We Go Together
15. Seafaring Jamb
16. Alcapulco (Alternate Version)

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The 11 Best Songs By Weezer

I have a theory about friendships. There are two types of friends in our lives: priority friends and obligation friends. Priority friends are the friends you want to hang out with. Obligation friends are the friends you feel obligated to hang out with. (Technically, there's a third category..."new friends"...but this category goes away after the 10th time hanging out with someone)

For example, friends you go out and party with...priority friends. Your work friends...obligation friends. Friends you see or call on their birthday...priority friends. Friends you text or Facebook on their birthday...obligation friends. Friends you have over for Sunday dinner...priority friends. High school buds you see once a year...obligation friends. You see where I'm going with this.

But here's where it gets do you know when you're no longer a "priority" friend and have fallen into "obligation" friend status? It's easy. It's called the TV conversation. If you're hanging out with someone...and you run out of things to say...and you start talking about TV shows, that's a red flag. Now, I'm not talking about when people say...hey, did you see that great episode of Lost last night? That's implies familiarity. What I'm talking when you ask someone (or they ask you), you watching any good shows? (works for movies too...except in Oscar season) If the best conversation you can have with someone is finding out what shows they watch and like...then you obviously aren't very close with this person anymore. Cut your losses...and get out while you can.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Weezer:

1. Good Life (Pinkerton)
2. No One Else (Blue Album)
3. Hash Pipe (Green Album)
4. Tired of Sex (Pinkerton)
5. Dope Nose (Maladroit)
6. Why Bother? (Pinkerton)
7. In The Garage (Blue Album)
8. Pork and Beans (Red Album)
9. Photgraph (Green Album)
10. This Is Such A Pity (Make Believe)
11. Keep Fishin' (Maladroit)

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The 11 Best songs By Strokes Members

Last week, Julian Casablancas became the 4th strokes member (come on some hustle) to release a solo album in the hiatus between Strokes album #3 & #4. It's now official...the individual members of the Strokes have released more material on their own...then they have with the band as a whole.

But here's the big question? Is it any good? or should they get back to the studio and do what they do best? You decide!

Here are the 11 Best Songs by Members of the Strokes:

1. 101 (Albert Hammond, Jr. - Yours To Keep)
2. Brand New Start (Little Joy - Little Joy)
3. Brandy of the Damned (Nickel Eye - Time of the Assassins)
4. In Transit (Albert Hammond, Jr. - Yours To Keep)
5. How To Hang A Warhol (Little Joy - Little Joy)
6. Keep Me In Mind (Little Joy - Little Joy)
7. GFC (Albert Hammond, Jr. - Como Te Llama?)
8. You and Everyone (Nickel Eye - Time of the Assassins)
9. Don't Watch Me Dancing (Little Joy - Little Joy)
10. Victory At Monterrey (Albert Hammond, Jr. - Como Te Llama?)
11. Better (Regina Spektor featuring Nick Valensi on guitar)

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Monday, November 09, 2009

The Unknown: Weezer - The Purple Album

I have always been obsessed with bonus tracks...b-sides...and the rare compilation inclusions. Finding these songs was like finding a secret piece of a band that most people didn't know about. It created a personal attachment to a band...even if they were popular. Owning "Even in His Youth" made you cooler than everyone who owned "Nevermind." Owning "Burro" gave you street cred over those who just owned "Odelay." Owning SOMMS made you infinitely more bad ass than everyone who suddenly got into Soundgarden. order to obtain these special tracks meant buying an import single for $10...or even a Japanese import for upwards of $40. But paying this much wasn't a big deal since the adventure to find the song made it worth the pricetag.

But today, we have the internet. And finding bonus songs is about as time-consuming as it is to type the title into google. That hasn't stopped bands from putting out multiple versions of their albums. Last week...Weezer's new album, Raditude came out in 5 different version: the regular version, the deluxe version with 4 bonus songs, the amazon bonus version, the itunes ipass version, and the import version. Each had different tracks...each cost about $10-$20. And it takes no effort to hunt them's the point record label? Fans are not going to go out and download one version from itunes and another from Amazon. It just will not happen. All that will happen is that we turn to the internet to download them for free. Sorry...but you're just making the situation worse.

Here is Weezer's The Purple Album:

1. Sweet Adeline
2. Mykel & Carli
3. Suzanne
4. Jamie
5. You Gave Your Love To Me Softly
6. Devotion
7. Waiting On You
8. I Just Threw Out The Love Of My Dreams
9. Velouria
10. Christmas Song

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Sunday, November 08, 2009

The 11 Best Krist Novoselic Songs (post-Nirvana)

Okay Nirvana week wouldn't be Nirvana week if all three members (sorry Chad) didn't get some of the spotlight. And we're forgetting one of the most important members, bassist Krist Novoselic. Krist has had no where near the success that Dave has had in his post-Nirvana career...but that doesn't negate his importance while in the band. Come As You Are would not be the hit it was if Krist hadn't ripped off The Bauhaus...okay, just kidding.

But Krist has trudged along...putting out some listenable material over the years. From the mexican lounge of Sweet 75 to the granola jams of Eyes Adrift to the mini-Nirvana reunion with Dave on the Stinky Puffs to the seattle supergroup No WTO Combo with Jello Biafra and Kim Thayil to joining his idols and playing on the most recent Flipper album.

Here are the 11 Best Krist Novoselic Songs (post-Nirvana):

1. What I Said (Eyes Adrift)
2. Lay Me Down (Sweet 75)
3. Love Fight (Flipper)
4. Alaska (Eyes Adrift)
5. Electronic Plantation (No WTO Combo)
6. Dogs (Sweet 75)
7. Triple Mass (Flipper)
8. Telescope (Eyes Adrift)
9. New Feudalism (No WTO Combo)
10. Buddies Aren't Butts (Stinky Puffs)
11. Pasted (Eyes Adrift)

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Friday, November 06, 2009

The Unknown: The Foo Fighters - Pocketwatch Demos

As Nirvana week continues, I was priming to do a selection of demos...but then I realized that not only is there a big faction of Nirvana I should be talking about but a whole other Nirvana release this week that is also being neglected. And that's the Foo Fighters.

This week, the Foos release their Greatest Hits. Without Nirvana, there would never be a Foo...let alone a Greatest Hits.

What a lot of people don't that the Foo Fighters were actually born out of the Nirvana recording sessions. On days when Kurt was awol, Krist and Dave would start jamming on Dave's song ideas. From those jams came the songs that would eventually end up on the Foo's debut album. But here's where it gets interesting...the Foo Fighters was not Dave's first solo project. Before Nirvana's breakout success...Dave had his own side project called Late!

Late! released one album (Pocketwatch) on cassette, which came out in 1992 at the peak of Nirvana's popularity...but oddly went unnoticed. This is the reason I'm including it during Nirvana week, since it is material that was created in that all but too brief 1991-1994 time period.

Here are the Foo Fighters' (Late!) Pocketwatch Demos:

1. Pokey The Little Puppy
2. Petrol CB
3. Friend of a Friend
4. Throwing Needles
5. Just Another Story About Skeeter Thompson
6. Color Pictures of a Marigold
7. Hell's Garden
8. Winnebago
9. Bruce
10. Milk

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Thursday, November 05, 2009

The 11 Best Nirvana Covers (you've never heard)

With this being Nirvana week...I wanted to try and do something special.

Typically, I would do a "best of" list. But that's been done to death. Or I would do a B-sides list. But again...most of those have been released. So what would be a unique list that might get everyone salivating? Obviously unreleased material is always at the top of everyone's list. Now I could do a list of original songs that have never been released. Some refined...some just fragments of songs. But it seems almost typical. about a list showing where Nirvana came from...a list of what they listened to and made them what they were. That's right. Covers. Everyone loves covers. And here's a sampling of some of Nirvana's best...worst...and just weird.

The 11 Best Nirvana Covers (you've never heard and not really in order):

1. My Best Friend's Girl (The Cars)
2. Bad Moon Rising (CCR)
3. Seasons in the Sun (Terry Jacks)
4. More Than A Feeling (Boston)
5. Baba O'Reilly with Krist singing (The Who)
6. Man Who Sold The World (David Bowie)
7. The End (The Doors)
8. Where Did You Sleep Last Night? (Ledbelly)
9. Love Buzz (The Shocking Blue)
10. Here She Comes Now (The Velvet Underground)
11. Do You Love Me? (Kiss)

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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The Unknown: Nirvana at The Off Ramp 1990 2

I grew up listening to Nirvana. From an indie rock band to the biggest band of the decade. I owned everything they ever put out. I never thought Kurt Cobain was a voice of a generation...he was the scream of our generation. So for's a little bit about myself.

Here are the 11 Biggest Nirvana Moments of my Life:

1. Attending to the 1992 MTV Music Awards and watching Krist hit himself in the head with his bass.
2. Buying Bleach on cassette in 1989 and having all my friends tell me the band sucked and would never amount to anything.
3. Waiting in line at midnight to buy In Utero
4. Videotaping MTV Unplugged and watching it over and over for months
5. Getting my first Outcesticide at Fingerprints in Long Beach
6. Using Napster to discover rare unreleased copies You Know Youre Right.
7. Feeling special that my copy of Nevermind has the bonus Endless Nameless hidden at the end and everyone else in my dorm didn't have it.
8. Having a big party to watch Nirvana on SNL after In Utero's release
9. Getting 3 copies of Incesticide for Christmas even though I had purchased it two weeks earlier.
10. Spending hours holed away listening to With The Lights Out.
11. Watching the Live at Reading DVD while my daughter danced along to the music

Here's PART TWO to Nirvana's performance at the Off-Ramp in Seattle.

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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The Unknown: Nirvana at The Off Ramp 1990

There's not 1...not 2...but 3 Nirvana-related releases this week. Nirvana's epic performance at the Reading Festival (which comes out on both CD and DVD). Nirvana's 20th anniversary re-issue of their debut album Bleach (which includes a full concert from 1989). And...the Foo Fighters greatest hits. The three releases make for an interesting retrospective on the career of the band...from its beginnings (Bleach) to its apex (Reading) to its after-life (Foo Fighters).

Now, I've had most of the Reading festival performance for years on cassette. Yes...cassette. So to finally get it in video and CD quality is a nice pick-up. But despite everyone claiming this is the band's best performance...I'm going to have to disagree. It's a great of their bests...but the best show I've ever heard is from the Off-Ramp in seattle. This happens at a time right when the band is on the verge of breaking out. Their songwriting has just taken a major step forward...yet they still are clinging to their punk sensibilities. It's an epic show that goes so long...the owner of the club has to close his doors...then re-open them after curfew so the band can continue playing. Only a band that had no rules could have pulled this off.

Here is Nirvana's Performance at the Off-Ramp in Seattle 1990:

1. Aneurysm
2. Oh, The Guilt
3. Mr. Moustache
4. Pay To Play
5. Breed
6. Floyd The Barber
7. About A Girl
8. Verse Chorus Verse
9. In Bloom
10. Swap Meet
11. Been A Son
12. Stain
13. Blew
14. Sappy
15. Lithium
16. School
17. D-7
18. Here She Comes Now
19. Sliver
20. Dive
21. Outside Banter
22. Dumb
23. Polly
24. Something in the Way
25. Negative Creep
26. Love Buzz
27. Where Did You Sleep Last Night
28. Spank Thru
29. Molly's Lips
30. Son Of A Gun
31. Sifting
32. Radio Friendly Unit Shifter

Here's PArt One. I've divided the show up alphabetically...just to mess with people. The rest of the songs will be posted tomorrow.

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Monday, November 02, 2009

The 11 Best Songs By The Frames

Tomorrow will start Nirvana week...but for the next few hours we still have one more of last week's releases to talk about...The Swell Season. For those of you who may be unfamiliar...The Swell Season is the duo from the movie Once who won the Oscar for best original song and then got cut off during their acceptance speech because the show needed more time for a video montage of set design.

Orginally, singer Glen Hansard began playing in a group called the Frames. Despite having huge success in Ireland and the Czech Republic (seriously) they never found a foothold in the snobby American music scene that only liked masterful musicians like Lance Bass. But with an Oscar under his belt...Glen has some breathing room. Once again (no pun intended), Glen teams up with his Once-time partner Marketa Irglova to form their dynamic duo. And the best reason to buy the get a free concert with it. That's two albums for the price of one.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By The Frames:

1. Falling Slowly (The Cost)
2. People Get Ready (The Cost)
3. What Happens When The Heart Just Stops (For The Birds)
4. Fake (Burn The Maps)
5. Mind's Made Up (The Cost)
6. Star Star (Dance the Devil)
7. Fitzcarraldo (Fitzcarraldo)
8. Listen Girl (Roads Outgrown)
9. Sad Songs (The Cost)
10. Santa Maria (For The Birds)
11. Keepsake (Burn The Maps)

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Sunday, November 01, 2009

The 11 Best Songs By Creed

I know what you're thinking...why am I doing a list for Creed? Why would I even waste my time? But love them or hate them...Creed has been one of the few rock successes over the past few years. Whether it's deserved or it's because there isn't any other great rock music out there is definitely a question to be asking...unless your asking Scott Stapp...then that's just going to get you a punch in the face.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Creed:


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