Thursday, December 27, 2007

The 11 Best New Artists of 2007

I was planning to post the Unreleased Weezer Double album that was scratched inbetween Green and Maladroit...but I ran out of time...maybe this weekend.

BUT and ONLY IF...everyone votes in my countdown for their 20 best albums of 2007. Now you don't have to vote for can be only 10 or even 5...or shut...even just 1.

I'll compile all the submissions, tally them up, and release a mega-list of the 111 Best CDs of 2007.

Either email me your picks or throw your picks in the comment box....either way, I'll get them.

To start things are the 11 Best New Artists of 2007:

1. The Klaxons - Myths of the New Future
2. Elvis Perkins - Ash Wednesday
3. Albert Hammond, Jr. - Yours To Keep
4. Burial - Untrue
5. Justice - Cross
6. The Cinematics - A Strange Education
7. Vietnam - Vietnam
8. The Whitest Boy Alive - Dreams
9. The Terrible Twos - If You Ever See an Owl
10. Satelite Party - Ultra Payloaded
11. Eddie Vedder - Into the Wild (technically a new artist)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The UNKNOWN: Foo Fighters - There Is Something Left To Win

What does Christmas have to do with Jesus? Santa Claus was invented by Coca-Cola. The Christmas tree was used by Pagans hundreds of years before Christ's birth. Caroling is a form of Pagan ritual used to ward off evil spirits. And to top it all off...Jesus was born in February.

Therefore...we all should celebrate Christmas together for what it really stands for...capitalism.

As's my gift to you...

The Foo Fighters - There Is Something Left To Win

1. A320
2. Make A Bet
3. Iron & Stone
4. Fraternity
5. Have A Cigar
6. Darling Nikki
7. Sister Europe
8. Dear Lover
9. Danny Says
10. Life of Illusion
11. Walking A Line
12. Win or Lose

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Unknown: Soundgarden - Black Sunshine

You know what I hate...I hate all those Christmas cards that get sent out every year by your so-called friends. I mean seriously, what is this garbage? When did this become an acceptable form of holiday greeting? Here's my problems with them: Basically, people have these Holiday cards made with a cheesy picture of themselves on them and some generic greeting that they send out to all the people they have ever written down in their rolodex. They do one mass holiday greeting so they don't have to wish everyone individually a happy holidays. It's condescending and it needs to stop. So here's the thing, if you're a close friend of this person, you're basically getting a generic holiday greeting from them...the same holiday greeting they send to their friends they haven't spoken to since last Christmas. And if you're a friend that never talks to're getting basically getting a back-handed slap in the face by receiving a basically says, "You're not important enough to talk to in person, so here's a generic card so I can feel better as a person."

If you really care about someone, take an extra five minutes and write them an original personal note. If they really mean something to you as a person, then don't they deserve at least 5 minutes of your time.

I believe in giving people what they want. And you asked for here it is. My repost of Soundgarden's B-Side album. Black Sunshine. Now go buy Chris Cornell's solo album...Carry On and support the artist.

Soundgarden - Black Sunshine

1. Birth Ritual
2. Show Me
3. Blind Dogs
4. Karoake
5. Sub Pop Rock City
6. Fresh Deadly Flowers
7. Cold Bitch
8. Toy Box
9. I Don't Care About you
10. Can You see Me?
11. She Likes Surprises
12. Kyle Petty, Son of Richard
13. Come Together
14. Motorcycle Loop

Monday, December 17, 2007

The 11 Songs That have the Best Chance of Being Remembered in 10 Years

I've been reading the lists of top songs for 2007 and I'll have to say...most of them are pretty lame. There are a lot of good songs on them...but most of the songs are obscure tracks that were never released to radio. Therefore I doubt many of them will ever be classic tracks remembered in ten years. Back in the 90s, he big tracks on the radio were also the tracks that were loved universally. But the tracks that are dominating the billboard charts now are as foreign to me as a love song in Tagalog. I mean what the hell is a Baby Bash? And is there really an artist named Flo Rida? Seriously? You can pick any name you want and you went with Flo Rida? Let me're from Florida? Are you just trying to secure an opening spot on the Kansas/Chicago reunion tour?

Just a reminder...these are not my faves of 2007...these are the tracks I think have the best chance to last. It's interesting that so many good songs don't get played on the radio as much. It seems that a lot songs are finding life in TV commercials, TV shows, and even at commercial breaks of sporting events. Notice how many times you've heard Zeppelin during a NFL game during the past few weeks?

Here are my picks for the best tracks that have the best chance of being remembered in ten years: (be warned...these are not my favorites)

10. Nickleback - Rockstar - it's sad but true

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The 11 Best Songs of 2007

Ella, Ella, aye aye...

Here are the 11 Best Songs of 2007

1. Modest Mouse - Florida
2. Kanye West - Stronger
3. Bright Eyes - Middle Man (MP3)
4. Travis - Big Chair
5. Velvet Revolver - Messages
6. Radiohead - Reckoner
7. Rilo Kiley - Breakin' Up
8. Great Lake Swimmers - Your Rocky Spine (MP3)
9. Bruce Springsteen - Radio Nowhere
10. Wilco - Sky Blue Sky
11. Talib Kweli - Hostile Gospel Part 1 (MP3)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The 111 Best Albums of 2007

It's time. Time for the endless series of "best of..." lists to begin. And for this one, I'm asking for all my faithful readers to join in. Submit me your 20 best albums of 2007. I'll compile all the submissions, tally them up, and release a mega-list of the 111 Best CDs of 2007.

Either email me your picks or throw your picks in the comment box....either way, I'll get them.

To start things are my 11 Best Albums of 2007:

1. Modest Mouse – We Were Dead Before The Ship Sank
2. Bloc Party – A Weekend in the City/Another Weekend in the City
3. The White Stripes – Icky Thump
4. Wilco – Sky Blue Sky
5. Radiohead – In Rainbows
6. The Klaxons – Myths of the Near Future
7. Tegan and Sara – The Con
8. Rilo Kiley – Under The Blacklight
9. Kings of Leon – Because of the Times
10. The Frames – The Cost
11. Bright Eyes – Cassadega

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The 11 Best Led Zeppelin Songs:

There's one band everyone is talking about. There's one and only ONE band that matters today. That band is Led Zeppelin.

On the heels of last night's incredible reunion show, I wanted to do the 11 best Led Zeppelin songs. But picking 11 of the best LZ songs is like deciding which leg you're going to amputate. It's impossible. You can try to do it. Go'll see how hard it is. Instead of posting just the best Zeppelin tracks, I've decided to post every single Led Zeppelin song from their 8 official releases. Believe it or not, below is the entire Zeppelin catalog condensed to a mere 3:30 seconds. Yep...hear every Zeppelin song in less time than it takes to listen to the opening track from Led Zeppelin 4.

Here are best Led Zeppelin Tracks:

1. Led Zeppelin I
2. Led Zeppelin II
3. Led Zeppelin III
4. Led Zeppelin IV
5. House of the Holy
6. Physical Graffiti
7. Presence
8. In Through The Out Door

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My 200th post

This is GBU's 200th post. It's been's been fun...okay's been real fun. hope you have enjoyed my posts thus's to another 200.

Here are my 111 favorite albums of all time.

  1. The Cure – Disintegration
  2. Nirvana – Nevermind
  3. New Order – Low-Life
  4. Radiohead – The Bends
  5. Depeche Mode – Black Celebration
  6. Pearl Jam – Ten
  7. Sex Pistols – Never Mind The Bullocks
  8. Guns N Roses – Appetite For Destruction
  9. Elliott Smith – Either/Or
  10. Bob Dylan – Blood on the Tracks
  11. Tool – Aenima
  12. Heatmiser – Mic City Sons
  13. U2 – Joshua Tree
  14. Tom Petty – Full Moon Fever
  15. Jane's Addiction – Nothing's Shocking
  16. Pixies – Bossanova
  17. REM – Life's Rich Pageant
  18. Rage Against The Machine – Rage Against The Machine
  19. Soundgarden – Badmotorfinger
  20. Morrissey – Viva Hate
  21. Led Zeppelin – In Through The Out Door
  22. Jay-Z – The Blueprint
  23. Pink Floyd – Dark Side on the Moon
  24. Weezer – Pinkerton
  25. Nirvana – In Utero
  26. Bright Eyes – The Story Is In the Soil
  27. Beastie Boys – Paul's Boutique
  28. Alice in Chains – Sap
  29. U2 – Unforgettable Fire
  30. Fleetwood Mac – Tango in the Night
  31. Bob Marley – Exodus
  32. Pearl Jam – Vs.
  33. Jeff Buckley - Grace
  34. A Tribe Called Quest – Low End Theory
  35. Bad Religion – Stranger Than Fiction
  36. Depeche Mode – Violator
  37. Boston – Boston
  38. Foo Fighters – Foo Fighters
  39. NWA – Straight Outta Compton
  40. The Cure – Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
  41. Radiohead – OK Computer
  42. Green Day – Dookie
  43. Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures
  44. REM – Reckoning
  45. Jane's Addiction – Ritual de lo Habitual
  46. Smiths – Louder Than Bombs
  47. Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here
  48. Death Cab For Cutie – Plans
  49. New Order – Technique
  50. White Stripes – Elephant
  51. Smashing Pumpkins – Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
  52. Triplefastaction – Broadcaster
  53. Garbage – Version 2.0
  54. Bob Dylan – Planet Waves
  55. Swell – Too Many Days Without Thinking
  56. Green Day – American Idiot
  57. Dr. Dre – The Chronic
  58. A Tribe Called Quest – Midnight Mauraders
  59. The Ramones - The Ramones
  60. Jellyfish – Bellybutton
  61. Modest Mouse – We Were Dead Before The Ship Sank
  62. Van Halen – 1984
  63. Pavement – Crooked Crooked Rain
  64. The Strokes – First Impression of Earth
  65. Velvet Underground – Loaded
  66. Marvin Gaye – What's Goin' On
  67. Black Crowes – Shake Your Money Maker
  68. Smiths – Queen Is Dead
  69. Jimi Hendrix – Electric Ladyland
  70. At The Drive-In – In Casino Out
  71. Michael Jackson – Thriller
  72. Ryan Adams - Gold
  73. Pixies – Doolittle
  74. Bruce Springsteen – Born in the USA
  75. Beck – Odelay
  76. U2 - War
  77. Wilco – Summer Teeth
  78. Led Zeppelin – 3
  79. The Cars – The Cars
  80. Fleetwood Mac – Rumors
  81. Jay-Z – Reasonable Doubt
  82. Def Leppard – Hysteria
  83. Me First and the Gimme Gimmes – Are A Drag
  84. Pixies – Surfer Rosa
  85. Cheap Trick – In Color
  86. Lush - Lovelife
  87. The Postal Service – Give Up
  88. Nine Inch Nails – With Teeth
  89. Killers – Hot Fuss
  90. Triplefastaction – Cattlemen Don't
  91. Led Zeppelin – 4
  92. Zwan – Zwan
  93. Eminem – Marshall Mathers LP
  94. Faith No More – The Real Thing
  95. Zero 7 - Simple Things
  96. Drive-By Truckers – The Dirty South
  97. Tupac – Me Against the World
  98. Morcheeba - The Big Calm
  99. Modest Mouse – Lonesome Crowded West
  100. Lou Reed – Transistor
  101. Van Halen – Van Halen 2
  102. Beck - Sea Change
  103. Faith No More – Angel Dust
  104. Bloc Party – Silent Alarm
  105. Portishead - Dummy
  106. Graham Parsons – GP
  107. Garbage – Garbage
  108. DJ Shadow – Entroducing…
  109. Jose Gonzalez - Veneer
  110. The Decemberists - The Crane Wife
  111. The Arctic Monkeys - Whatever People Say I Am

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The 8 Best Hanukkah Rock Songs not sung by Adam Sandler

Truths about Christmas #1:

The Christmas Tree has nothing to do with Jesus. It was used by early Europeans about 500 years before Christ was ever born. It gets it name from the time of year it blooms...not for any religious association.

Here are 8 of my favorite Hanukkah songs that aren't sung by Adam Sandler:

1. Christmas Wrapping - Save Ferris
2. Give the Jew Girl Toys - Sarah Silverman
3. Westside - Dr. Dyke
4. Hanukkah Blessings - Barenaked Ladies
5. Hanukkah and Christmas Hand in Hand - Huffamoose
6. Bagels and Lox Rock - 2 Live Jews
7. Feast of Lights - They Might Be Giants
8. Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel - South Park

Monday, December 03, 2007

The Unknown: Nine Inch Nails - Quake

I've been a terrible blogger over the past few months. Sure I had one good week, but I have about 20 lists sitting in the queue. I'm so far behind, I still have not one but two Ryan Adams lists from back in July to do. Well, this is December and it's supposed to be a month of reflection. This is supposed to be the month where we look back and rank the best albums, songs, downloads, etc. etc. Instead I have to spend the month getting caught up. Otherwise the 11 Best Axl Rose guest spots will have to wait until Chinese Democracy comes out...and that...well, we all know how long that could be.

The best of the year lists are to come...that's for sure. Including an attempt at the second annual Music Blog Awards.

I will repost the Soundgarden B-sides double album...the second of the Foo Fighters B-sides album...and of course another of the Ryan Adams B-Side collections.

Until is infamous Nine Inch Nails soundtrack to the Quake video game. At the time, Quake was the highly anticipated follow-up to the incredibly popular game, Doom...which went on to be a terrible film starring the Rock. The soundtrack was never officially released, you could only get it if you bought the video game. And until couldn't even hear it unless you were playing the game. Happy Hanukkah, bitches!!

A couple weeks ago, NIN released a remix CD that is a quite impressive companion to Year Zero from earlier this year...And I have to be perfectly honest, the remix Cd (Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D) kicks the original's ass. Yep...I said it...sue me.

Nine Inch Nails - Quake

1. Quake Theme
2. Intermission
3. Start ~ Whispers
4. Grisly Grotto
5. Slipgate Complex
6. Underearth
7. Castle of the Damned
8. Necropolis
9. Ziggurat Vertigo
10. Gloom Keep