Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The 11 Best Moby Songs

Moby started to lose me over his past two albums. But Amazon listed his new album, Wait for Me...for only $3.99. At that price, I'd buy just about any album. And half way through my first listen...I can already tell this album is worth a lot more than the price tag. If you've been a Moby fan since Play...than you need to add this album to your library. Is the best album of the year? No. Is it the best album Moby's ever done? No. But is it worth $4...absolutely...

Here are the 11 Best Moby Songs:

1. God Moving Over the Face of the Waters (Everything Is Wrong)
2. Everytime You Touch Me (Everything Is Wrong)
3. At Least We Tried (18)
4. Sunday (The Day Before My Birthday) (18)
5. Move (Move)
6. Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad (Play)
7. When It's Cold I Would Like To Die (Everything Is Wrong)
8. Where You End (Hotel)
9. Porcelain (Play)
10. Go (Moby)
11. James Bond Theme (I Like To Score)
Buy Moby's new album Wait for Me...only $3.99!!!

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Chris said...

I was immediately hooked when I noticed it was similar to mobys older art stylings.. i dunno if he draws those characters but he has had similar characters on past singles and etc. the music is pretty awesome too, especially the one single "Shot in the back of the head"