Thursday, November 15, 2012

The 11 Best Songs By Soundgarden

What the hell is wrong with Comcast?  I tried to sign up for their internet package.  It was listed as $44.95 online.  I took pictures of it to verify that this was the truth and there'd be no funny business later on.  In the picture, it says "$44.95 total price modem included."  Clear as day.  To complete the order, I had to get on the phone with a dispatcher.  They called me and put me on hold for fifteen minutes.  Fifteen minutes!!  I'm a new customer who wants to give them money for their service...and they make me wait to do it.  It's like they think they're Pearl Jam and I'm waiting all night to get concert tickets?  No.  You're not even Creed.  If you want me as a customer you should be doing everything in your power, including massaging my feet to get me on board...not exhibiting what terrible customer service you have.  If this is how you treat new customers that you're trying to lure in...imagine how bad your customer service must be once I am a customer locked into a contract and you no longer give a crap about me.

Finally, someone with a heavy Indian accent got on the phone.  She must be from Michigan.  She asked what I was calling for.  I told her that her company called me.  She said she didn't know why.  I explained that I signed up for a package online and her company needed to talk to me to complete the order.  She said I must be signing up for the $99 a month offer with cable, phone, and internet.  I said no.  She said she was confused why I didn't do that.  I said I only wanted internet.  She then asked which package.  I said...I signed up with your should have this info.  She didn't.  She then said..."oh wait, here it is."  You want the $44.95 package with $3.95 for modem rental.  I said the offer online clearly states the modem is included.  She said, then that ad is false because it's not included.  I said then that would be false advertising and that would be illegal.  She said it is not illegal because she is telling me the real price now.  Sorry, it's still illegal.  I asked to speak to a supervisor and she said she didn't have one.  I asked to speak to someone in the United States...she said she'd have to look up that number.  She put me on hold.  After 10 minutes of being on hold...I hung up. 30 seconds later...I signed up with Time Warner.  Way to go to Comcast.  You're shitty customer service just cost you a new customer.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Soundgarden:
  1. Searching With My Good Eye Closed (Badmotorfinger)
  2. Burden in My Hand (Down On The Upside)
  3. Outshined (Badmotorfinger)
  4. Birth Ritual (Singles)
  5. Fell on Black Days (Superunknown)
  6. Hands All Over (Louder Than Love)
  7. The Day I Tried To Live (Superunknown)
  8. No Attention (Down On The Upside)
  9. All Your Lies (Ultramega OK)
  10. Rusty Cage (Badmotorfinger)
  11. Superunknown (Superunknown)
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