Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The 11 Best Songs By Ryan Adams & The Cardinals

It's been three years since we've seen any new material from Ryan Adams.  That's an insane drought from a guy that released a five new albums a year for most of the decade.  Sure, there was Orion (get it?  O Ryan)...but does that really count?  Then there was the Pax-AM single series...but then again...I don't even know anyone who was lucky enough to score a copy of any of the singles.  And, even now, the new Ryan Adams & the Cardinals album, III/IV is really just a bunch of leftover tracks.  Leftover Ryan Adams is like leftover pizza...at worst...it's still pizza.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Ryan Adams & The Cardinals:

1. If I Am A Stranger (Cold Roses)
2. Don't Fail Me Now (Jacksonville City Nights)
3. How Do You Keep Love Alive (Cold Roses)
4. Sweet Illusions (Cold Roses)
5. Always On My Mind (Jacksonville City Nights B-Side)
6. Majik (Cardinology)
7. These Girls (Easy Tiger)
8. Meadowlake Street (Cold Roses)
9. The Hardest Part (Jacksonville City Nights)
10. Fix It (Cardinology
11. Let It Ride (Cold Roses)

Buy the new double album, III/IV...now!!

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