Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Unknown: Ryan Adams at KCRW

All week I have scoured the city for a hard copy of the new Ryan Adams album.  Best Buy (the once best place in town to buy new CDs) had it on back order.  But they had a dozen of the new Bryan Adams. True story!  I went to Target, they didn't have it either.  I went to three independent music stores.  None of them had it.  I ended up buying it on Amazon.  Certain albums I don't mind getting digitally...but I have found I give more attention to an album when I get the hard copy of it.  That's why I wanted the Ryan Adams.  With two was a lot to absorb and would get lost in my 95,000 MP3 song library.  I would have bought the pre-order on Pax-Am, the record label...but they were sold out.  I almost didn't buy the album because I couldnt find it.  It's like the music industry is working overtime to fail.  I just don't get it.

Here is Ryan Adams at KCRW:

1.  Two
2.  The Sun Also Sets
3.  Once Whatever
4.  Everybody Knows
5.  I Taught Myself How To Grow Old
6.  Sweet Caroline
7.  Stars Go Blue
8.  Come Pick Me Up
9.  Down In A Hole
10.  Morning Becomes Eclectic Ditty
11.  Pearls on A String
12.  How Do You Keep Love Alive

Buy Ryan Adams' new album, III/!!


Jon Wolf said...

These are so good, thank you so much for posting! It gives the Easy Tiger stuff new life, this is exactly how I want to hear RA, thanks again.

mgood27 said...

I hear you about not being able to buy albums at the store anymore. I went into the Best Buy near me a couple weeks ago and their CD section has now been reduced to ONE isle. And all the music is now categorized as MUSIC instead of a genre. It is the end of Days for the Compact Disc.