Thursday, July 07, 2011

The Unknown: The 11 Best Depeche Mode Bonus Remix Tracks.

Last week, Amazon ended its Affliates program for residents in California.  This came about from a new law signed by California Gov. Jerry Brown.  In crude terms, the new law put a new tax on retailers who were located in California.  Since Amazon had affiliates located in California under the new law that would make Amazon a "California" business and be susceptible to the new tax.  Therefore, Amazon ended its affiliates program to avoid being hit with the new tax.  It's a stupid law.  It probably hurts California more than it helps it.  Since the world is moving toward digital business, having affiliates programs only helps the California economy and their taxes, since all affiliates located in California have to pay taxes on their earnings.  With the lost earnings from Amazon, that's less taxes that will now be paid to the state.

With the limited quality releases this month, I'm going to catch up a bit on the releases I've missed or overlooked.

Though I love Depeche Mode, I can't say I'm thrilled about the massive amount of bonus tracks for their latest Remix compilation. Each retail affiliate was given certain bonus tracks that were only associated with their deluxe edition.  The total amount of bonus tracks tops out around 25 extra tracks on top of the already 37 tracks from the regular deluxe edition.  Some of the tracks can be bought individually...but others like the ten tracks from will cost you about $4 a piece.  So, if you want to get the additional 10 bonus tracks of dubs and instrumentals, you'll be shelling out $40 which is more than you would pay for the regular deluxe edition.  Of course, if you want to just by the Beatport deluxe edition, it's only a mere $78...and is oddly missing ten tracks that are readily available on the other editions.  I can't really figure out what DM's goal is on this one.  It's one thing to lure people into buying the album for a couple extra tracks.  But only the true fans are going to buy multiple editions.  Aren't the true devoted fans the ones you want to bribe to keep around?  Not the ones you want to gouge?  I did a heavy search and have picked up most of the bonus tracks and out of the 25, here are the ones I found the best bang for your buck.

Here are the 11 Best Depeche Mode Bonus Tracks from the new Remixes:

1.  The Sinnner in Me (Sixtoes Remix) - HMV Digital
2.  In Chains (Myer vs. Wilder Deconstruction) - Itunes
3.  The Sun and the Rainfall (Black Light Odyssey's Further Excerpts) - HMV Digital
4.  Personal Jesus (Sie Medway-Smith Dub) - Beatport
5.  In Chains (Tigerskin's No Sleep Alternative Remix) - Beatport
6.  Sister of Night (Ida Engberg's Giving Voice to The Flame) - Amazon Digital Edition
7.  The Sweetest Perfection (Phil Kieran Vocal Remix) - Amazon Digital Edition
8.  Suffer Well (M83 Instrumental) - Beatport
9.  Wrong (Trentemoller Club Remix Dub) - Beatport
10.  A Pain That I'm Used To (Jacques Le Cont Dub) - Beatport
11.  John The Revelator (UNKLE Dub) - Beatport

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