Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The 11 Best Songs By Rogue Wave

Over the past couple weeks, the internet has been buzzing about Spotify.  The new subscription-style music service.  Any track, any album, anywhere for only $9.99 a month.  It's not such a bad deal...but it also feels too good to be true.  What happens when you're signed up, you stop buying music and have converted all your listening focus to Spotify, when suddenly they jack up the price?  Do you stick around and pay the piper...or do you cancel it and lose all your music?  The rumor is that Spotify will be $14.99 a month within 18 months...and that's a less appealing thing.  

But the argument isn't whether the price for streaming is competitive...it's whether you want to stream or own?  And is streaming in fact owning?  We don't own physical pieces of music anymore.  There are some of us audiophiles still out there buying CDs and vinyl.  But that's a number between slim and none.  If everything digital base...what's the difference between having the digital file on your computer versus having it in a cloud?  They sound the same. The accessibility is the same.  The experience is the same.  The only difference is that when you purchase music, you have to make the conscious decision to pay money for the music.  The music means more.  When you're not paying for it...you will pay less attention to it and won't mean as much.  Though I want pay for music system to stick around...but I think that model is already a dinosaur in the digital age. 

Hopefully, music will get better.  It's not going to be about getting people to check you out anymore...it's going to be about getting them to stick around.  If you're music isn't good out of the gates...then you'll lose them.  The one thing I do know...cloud is here to stay...until the next medium comes out.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Rogue Wave Now:

1. Love's Lost Guarantee (Descended Like Vultures) 
2. Publish My Love (Descended Like Vultures)
3. Harmonium (Asleep At Heaven's Gate)
4. Eyes (B-Side) 
5. Good Morning (Permalight)
6. Falcon Settles Me (Out of The Shadow)
7. Chicago X 12 (Asleep At Heaven's Gate)
8. Endgame (Out of the Shadow)
9. Permalight (Permalight)
10. Seconds (B-Side)
11. Kicking the Heart Out (Out of the Shadow)

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Chris said...

I went to see Weezer and the Flaming Lips last night in Jersey as a sort of strange double headliner where they played 3 songs swapping back and forth between one another. and the final few songs they played together. It was a strange but fairly awesome experiment.

More importantly then seeing something like this there were a few kids a couple rows in front of me that were so excited about music that it made my heart swell a bit. I even saw the awkward girl that was with them singing along to flaming lips songs, which, I don't even know flaming lips songs. I also saw one of the boys she was with had bought (or it was bought for him) Weezer's Pinkerton on Vinyl! which I thought was 1. insane to do at a big budget concert 2. was insane the this almost teenager saw the value in something like that.

Overall, it was a really great show, people didn't care too much for the flaming lips as much as I would have hoped. I'm even gonna go check out more of their stuff because of it. It was kind of the perfect "rock show" With Weezer being the big loud straightforward rock band and the flaming lips showing the other side of the rock spectrum with their walls of sound, silly theatrics and tons of confetti... oh and dancers dressed in wizard of oz get-up.

thanks for the post, later.

Brian said...

The difference from having your music on your personal computer from streaming it from the cloud is the amount of control you have over the music. When you purchase specific music, whether it be cd, vinyl, or digital, you have a limited license to use the music for personal purposes. You can have more flexibility in how you use the music, and can choose when and how you can consume it. Youeven also even change the form, such as ripping it to MP3,burning it to a CD, etc. Paying for a cloud streaming service doesn't give you the license, but is more like buying a radio. You hear the music just the same, but you don't have the absolute ability to control when and how you can listen to it the way you can when you have a license. Whether that matters is up to the individual.