Sunday, October 12, 2014

The 11 Best Songs By The Juan Maclean

When it comes to weeks like this when there are a lot of good releases, I get torn between doing lists for the big artists like the Weezers and the Stevie Nicks...and the smaller lesser known artists like the Juan Macleans and the Caribous.  The big artists draw the biggest audience...but the smaller artists add some diversity to the site.  If you want to see Weezers best songs I've already done that multiple times.  Just click on an old list and explore.  If you want to know what Juan's best songs are, can't.  Until now. Here are the 11 Best Songs By The Juan Maclean:
  1. One Day (The Future Will Come)
  2. Give Me Every Little Thing (Less Than Human)
  3. Happy House (The Future Will Come)
  4. Find A Way (Everybody Get Close)
  5. The Station (The Future Will Come)
  6. Deviant Device (Everybody Get Close)
  7. The Future Will Come (The Future Will Come)
  8. Simple Life (The Future Will Come)
  9. Feels So Good (Everybody Get Close)
  10. Crush The Liberation (Less Than Human)
  11. Tonight (The Future Will Come)
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