Sunday, October 19, 2014

The 11 Best Songs By Ok Go

Years ago, MTV ruled the world.  Michael Jackson, Peter Gabriel, and Guns N Roses didn't just make videos of themselves playing in a room...they made mini-movies.  They made creative pieces of art.  MTV wasn't just a creative outlet for musicians, it was a visual experience.  You could watch and enjoy as much as you enjoyed listening to the music.  Many times the videos were better than the songs they accompanied.  MTV is not what it used to be.  I'm not even sure what it is anymore.  I'm not sure it knows either.  Youtube and Vevo have taken up the video reigns with lackluster results.  Bands still make videos.  But they have more in common with the early days of MTV than they do with the true creative explosion.  All of them...except one band:  Ok Go.  Ok Go makes videos as if no one ever told them that MTV doesn't exist anymore.  Their videos are so spectacular that Michael Jackson offed himself because he couldn't compete with their excellence.  (Too soon?)  Ok Go's videos are so amazing, they may honestly be the best band at making videos of all time.  If music videos are going to fade away into obscurity, at least Ok Go is going to take us out with a huge bang.
Here are the 11 Best Videos By OkGo:
  1. This Too Shall Pass (Rube Goldberg) -  (Of The Blue Colour of the Sky)
  2. Writing's On The Wall (Hungry Ghosts)
  3. End Love  (Of The Blue Colour of the Sky)
  4. Here It Goes Again (Oh No)
  5. Needing/Getting  (Of The Blue Colour of the Sky)
  6. Last Leaf  (Of The Blue Colour of the Sky)
  7. All Is Lost  (Of The Blue Colour of the Sky)
  8. Muppet Theme Song (The Green Album)
  9. WTF? (Of The Blue Colour of the Sky)
  10. White Knuckles  (Of The Blue Colour of the Sky)
  11. Primary Colors (Sesame Street)
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