Sunday, January 21, 2007

The 11 Best Songs By America

The first time I ever heard the band America, I was sitting in a doctor's office waiting room. About an hour earlier, my brother stuck a chocolate peanut in his nose and my mom had to take him to the doctor to get it surgically removed. It didn't help that I was the one who dared him to do it. Now, it may seem like he suffered having to have cold metal steel instruments inserted into his nostrils but I was te true victim that day. While I was sitting in the odd smelling waiting room stuck with nothing but six-month-old copies of Highlights with the pages stuck together, America came on over the office speakers. It was their newest hit..."You Can Do Magic." Being the first time I heard their soft rock gooiness, I didn't realize this was their Journey-ified new sound. It was instant love...that was until the song ended and then mysteriously started up again. Still, listening two times in a row was okay. But then three times and four..five...six...the song was replaying over and over for the entire hour I was sitting there. It was torture. And what made it worse was that I couldn't do magic! The song was taunting me and there was nothing I could. I tried to get away but it was playing in the halls and the bathroom. I tried to tell the receptionist but she gave me a lollipop and told me to scram. Remember the days when people used to say scram? Finally, my mom saved me and took us home. But God was out to get me that day...when we got in the car, the damn song was playing on the radio. It wasn't until 20 years later I gave America another chance. I've been a muskrat lovin' fan ever since.

Here are the 11 Best America Songs:

1. You Can Do Magic (A View From The Ground)
2. Sister Golden Hair (Hearts)
3. Horse With No Name (also the easiest song in the world to play on guitar) - America
4. Lonely People (Holiday)
5. Ventura Highway (Homecoming)
6. Til The Sun Comes Up Again (Homecoming)
7. Old Virginia (Hearts)
8. People In The Valley (Hearts)
9. The Border (Your Move) MP3
10. Nothing's So Far (Encore)
11. God of the Sun (Harbor)


Anonymous said...

Sorry to say that, bit there's definitively one song missing:

Regards Urach

Rebekah said...

Haha, Horse with no name IS the easiest song to play on guitar!!

albert said...

Where is sandman

Bokonon said...

I Need You...breaks my heart every time I hear it.

Sandy Carree said...

Man's road should be in that list as well .