Friday, May 21, 2010

The 11 Best Songs By The Black Keys

Today marks an epic day in my childhood memories.  Both Empire Strikes Back AND Pac-Man turn 30 today.  It's very hard to think of these two major institutions having such influence 30 years later...Star Wars is still as big as ever...and Pac-Man pretty much helped pave the wave for all great video games to come.  If you haven't stopped by Google today.  I highly suggest you do for a quick trip down memory lane.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By the Black Keys:

1.  Set You Free (Thickfreakness)
2.  Strange Times (Attack and Release)
3.  I Got Mine (Attack and Release)
4.  10 A.M. Automatic (Rubber Factory)
5.  Things Ain't Like They Used To Be (Attack and Release)
6.  I'll Be Your Man (The Big Come Up)
7.  Midnight Her Eyes (Thickfreakness)
8.  So He Won't Break (Attack and Release)
9.  Thickfreakness (Thickfreakness)
10.  Just Got to Be (Magic Potion)
11.  Hurt Like Mine (Thickfreakness)

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catherine said...

only one track from Rubber Factory in your top 10?!

acompleteunknown said...

It's hard to narrow down their songs. all are very good. Girls is on My Mind was probably #12 if I kept going.

Sebastian said...

@ acompleteunknown first, nice list. second, is the reason you go to eleven a reference to the part in spinal tap with the amps that go the eleven. it would be great if it is.

acompleteunknown said...

Of course it is, Sebastian. Because 11 is louder than 10.

yk said...

I beg to differ.

Agreeing w Catherine.

1. Everlasting Light
2. Act Nice And Gentle
3. Everywhere I Go
4. The Lengths
5. She's Long Gone
6. Grown So Ugly
7. 10 A.M. Automatic
8. Leavin' Trunk
9. Heavy Soul
10. Sinister Kid
11. Keep Your Hands Off Her (Chulahoma)

No problem.

MArmstrong said...

How is howling for you not in any top list? its a great song!

shaks616 said...

what about lies, too afraid to love you, tighten up, these days or remember when?

Adeday said...

what is wrong with you guys?
- ill be your man
-Next girl
-Have love will travel
-when the lights go out
-howlin for you
-heavy soul
-tighten up
-girl is on my mind.
now thats a proper list

acompleteunknown said...

This list was made prior to Brothers being released...that's why there are no songs from that album on the list.

Jenny said...

Nice list - exactly what I've been looking for now that I've finally gotten around to listening to The Black Keys. It's time for an update though, isn't it? Do any songs from the latest album crack the Top 11? Keep up the great work!

Unknown said...

i think the wicked messenger deserves some more credit.

superphuck250 said...

The Moan
Ill be Your Man
Midnight In Her Eyes
Keep Me
The Lengths
Heavy soul (Alternate)
Stack Shot Billy
10am Automatic
Aeroplane Blues
Hard Row
If You See Me
Things Aint Like They Used To Be
When The Lights Go Out
Black Door
Modern Times
My Mind is Rambling (cover)
Dearest (cover)
Work Me(cover)

11 isnt enough, seriously anything off the big come up, thixkfreakness, and rubber factory, the next two are good too, brothers was pretty good, the only worthy song on el camino is little black submarines

Anonymous said...

the lengths is incredible as well

emmliddi said...

stack shot billy has always been a favorite

emmliddi said...

stack shot billy has always been a favorite

Unknown said...

Not a bad list although I would disagree with a few choices...
1. Stack Shot Billy
2. 10 A.M. Automatic
3. Just Got To Be
4. Strange Times
5. Tighten Up
6. Things Ain't Like They Used To Be
7. Same Old Thing
8. You're The One
9. The Lengths
10. Your Touch
11. Thickfreakness