Friday, June 24, 2011

The 11 Best Songs By Gomez

If you read this blog you know that I really respect bands who try to evolve rather stay stuck in the same groove over and over.  Gomez is one of those bands that’s been evolving from day one.  Even on their debut, I remember friends initially discouraged by them because they thought the band was struggling to find their sound.  But they weren't struggling at all, their revolving style was their signature sound.  In the 90s, when Brit pop was defined by a bunch of bands trying to water down the Beatles…Gomez took what was expected of their genre and turned it upside-down.  Seven albums later, the band has consistently re-invented themselves making their chaotic evolution their niche.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Gomez:

1.  Silence (Split The Difference)
2.  Shot Shot (In Our Gun)
3.  How We Operate (How We Operate)
4.  Win Park Slope (New Tide)
5.  Buena Vista (Abandoned Shopping Trolley Hotline)
6.  Whipping Picadilly (Bring It On)
7.  Bone Tired (New Tide)
8.  Rie's Wagon (Bring It On)
9.  Get Myself Arrested (Bring It On)
10.  Revolutionary Kind (Liquid Sun)
11.  Hamoa Beach (How We Operate)

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Michael said...

happy to see a list on gomez! while i know that mine would differ, i don't have the energy to compile one. thanks for the post.

SteveA said...

This has always been a band I wanted to get more into following their debut!

Adam Brien said...

I loved Gomez when I first heard them. Liquid Skin and In our Gun are amazing. Saw them live in Bristol 5 or 6 tears ago and they were great. Went to see them on the first gig of the current tour and afraid to say was rather disappointed. Cropped versions of their greatest hits followed by a fair bit of their more slow, ballady dreary stuff. Technically very good, but boring and lacklustre on stage. Zero charisma. I don't think the USA has been good for them. Now sounding distinctly MOR and middel aged for that matter.

A nearly 50 yo man who loves live music and dancing like a nutter at the front.

laura said...

Eh, you shoulda seen'm at the Roundhouse Adam. Best form I've seen them in since 2007.

Here is a list in no particular order:

Butterfly (5 Men in a Hut)
Caravan (Girlshapedlovedrug b-side)
Revolutionary Kind (Liquid Skin)
California (Liquid Skin)
How We Operate
Nothing Is Wrong (Split the Diff)
Detroit Swing 66 (In Our Gun)
Waster (Maschismo)
Sweet Virginia (STD)
Shot Shot (IOG)
Don't Make Me Laugh (HWO)

In general though I have more disagreements on the Death Cab and Modest Mouse lists than the Gomez one!

Jaiy said...

Roundhouse London.

Evan said...

#1. 78 Stone Wobble (Bring it On)
#2. Detroit Swing 66 (In Our Gun)
#3. Free To Run (Bring it On)
#4. We Haven't Turned Around (Liquid Skin)
#5. Tijuana Lady (Bring it On)
#6. All Too Much (How We Operate)
#7. In Our Gun (In Our Gun)
#8. Sound of Sounds (In Our Gun)
#9. Bubble Gum Years (Bring it On)
#10. How We Operate (How We Operate)
#11. Rosalita (Liquid Skin)

steven gonsalves said...

Tijuana Lady! come on. how is this not on the list?

SBurrows said...

Good list. here's mine, in no particular order.

Devil Will Ride
How We Operate
Sweet Virginia
Love Is Better Than A Warm Trombone
Buena Vista
Don't Make Me Laugh
Touchin' Up
& 'Girlshapedlovedrug' & 'Flight'

That's 12. This is too hard.

danasnowflake said...

Shot Shot. Ping One Down. Get Myself Arrested. I could go on...