Sunday, August 05, 2007

THE UNKNOWN: Ryan Adams - Hate Is Heaven

Barry Bonds was a home run hitter long before the famous 73-HR season. He had hit 40+ five times prior to that, including a 46 season early in his career. He also consistently led the league in walks (which always lowers the numbers).
In an interesting comparison, Hall-of-Famer, Tony Gwynn, gained the exact same amount of weight as Barry did at the exact age as Barry and had an upsurge in his his hitting also. Prior to 1997, Gwynn has only had two 10+ home run seasons. But starting in 1997, he went three seasons in a row, hitting 10+ in all three seasons. Does that mean Gwynn was on steroids too...or possibly when hitters age, the natural weight that's gained gives the ability to hit with more power?
And, since it was mostly pitchers taking steroids, that would mean that many pitches would be faster, allowing a good home run hitter greater ability to launch the ball out of the park.
And how would you explain Roger Maris, who normally hit 20 HRs a year, who all of a sudden hit 39 one year, then 61 the next...which is almost exactly the same thing Bonds did who went from 49 one year to 73 the next...
(note: Maris only hit over 30 hr 3times in his entire career. and only once over 40...which was the 61 season.)

Here is the 2nd of 4 Ryan Adams B-Side Albums: Hate Is Heaven

1. Halloween
2. Closer When She Goes
3. Funeral Marching
4. Twice As Bad As Love
5. Hypnotixed
6. Hey Parker, It's Christmas
7. Caterwaul
8. Choked Up
9. Ah, Life
10. Song For Keith
11. Fuck The Universe
12. Nervous Breakdown
13. Poor Country Girl


Alex said...

dude, thanks, this is some crazy cool shit. THANKS. RYAN ADAMS FOR LIFE!

Rod said...

barry bonds sucks. end of story

Ryan said...

thanks for these...have most of them...but am still hoping for a quality rip of 'learn to love' sometime...i hope that makes it on the next compilation...thanks again!

The Pop Cop said...

Hey, just wondering when the next two promised Ryan Adams b-sides posts are going to appear? Looking forward to them!

neil said...

Just found your site and your spot on with your tastes. Well done.

I agree with the comments and look forward to the RY 3 & 4 comps. Not heard 'Red Lights' or 'Luxary' for a while.

Thanx mucho