Thursday, August 09, 2007

The 11 Best Songs By The Anniversary

One of the worst things that can ever happen to you in life is discovering a band on the verge of breaking up. Discovering bands at other times does have its measure of suckage. For example: if you follow a band from the beginning, it's hard to let go when they break up but at least you had a considerable amount of time to get to know them and enjoy them. Also, if you discovered a band after their break-up, there isn't the same sorrow because you knew they were broken up to begin with.

The Anniversary is one of those bands that kills me. I discovered them only shortly after they released their epic "Your Majesty" possibly one of the greatest albums of the emo age. Yes, yes, I'm aware that "great emo" is an oxymoron but there were highlights before the Fall Out Boys and Panicing Discoballers!!?!?! All I remember is listening to YM and thinking to myself, this band is going to have one of the greatest careers and I've discovered them early on!! The next thing I know, they broke up. I was pissed. I actually ran over a homeless man in my car in protest (he's fine now). The break-up was three years ago. Since then, 3/5 of the band reformed as The Only Children. They just released their second album this Spring. It's not the Anniversary, but it's not a bad substitute. In fact, it's one of my most listened to albums of the year. Take that, Chris Cornell!

This week, one of the MIA members (Adrianne Verhoeven) returns to music in the band Art in Manila. It's on Saddle Creek and the band features Orenda I mean, come on, how bad could it really be? While we are getting used to a world without an Anniversary reunion on the horizon, all we are left to do is look back...

1. All Things Ordinary (Designing a Nervous Breakdown)
2. Peace, Pain and Regret (Your Majesty)
3. Husam Husam (Your Majesty)
4. Without Panasos (Designing a Nervous Breakdown)
5. Perfectly (Designing a Nervous Breakdown)
6. O' Lady Butterfly (Superdrag Split)
7. The Death of the King (Your Majesty)
8. Follow The Sun (Your Majesty)
9. The D In Detroit (Designing a Nervous Breakdown)
10. The Siren Sings (Your Majesty)
11. I Believe the End of the Reign of Terror is Soon Near (Vagrant Comp)

Buy The Only Children's fantastically underrated new release here.

Buy Manila on Fire here.

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