Sunday, January 20, 2008

11 of the Best of the Daytrotter Sessions

A few weeks ago, I Tivo'd the movie Guns of the Navarone. I just watched it this weekend. It's a great WW2 movie. One of those movies I always knew I should see but never actually made the effort to do so. But I've been burned before with movies. I can't tell you how many times I've rented a supposed classic only to be severly disappointed. So when you get the chance to watch something special and be blown away by it, it's a great feeling.

The same goes for the website, Daytrotter. This is one of those sites I should have been following years ago....well, 18 months to be exact. It's easily one of the best music websites on the internet. Yes, even better than mine. Every week or so, the website features an artist. The do a very verbose background on them and follow it up with a rather enjoyable interview. To top it all off, each feature comes with an exclusive MP3 studio session. Usually these are alternate takes of tracks from a recent album but other times, the artist will throw in a cover or an unreleased track.

Over the past 18 months, the site has accumulated about 70 or so features, focusing in on some of the hottest indie bands. Many I've never heard of...and now I'm a huge fan. I've spent the weekend digging through the website. It would take a good month to digest everything on below is my first pass. I didn't include any of the MP3s...instead, every link will take to the artist page with the feature, interview and studio session.

Go explore and discover something new!!!

11 of the Best of the Daytrotter Sessions:

1. Cold War Kids
2. The National
3. Vampire Weekend
4. Menomena
5. William Elliott Whitmore
6. Annuals
7. Okkervil River
8. Tokyo Police Club
9. Of Montreal
10. Asobi Seksu
11. Elvis Perkins

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Anonymous said...

How about Rogue Wave and Oh No! Oh My!?????????