Thursday, August 27, 2009

The 11 Best Song By Matisyahu

Let's talk bonus tracks. The new Matisyahu album (Light) on itunes may be one of the better bonus tracks versions of any recent album. Normally, I'm only partial to B-Sides. And lots of them. Sometimes a bonus concert is good, too. But on Matisyahu's album...he takes a radically different approach to his music. It's bigger, more produced, and even bordering on the realm of mainstream hip-pop. The only thing missing are vocals by Fergi. Now the bonus tracks do inclucde a couple B-sides...a track with the Crystal Method (from their album)...but also studio sessions. These studio sessions are gold. For the fans of traditional Matisyahu...his new album may turn you away (even I'm having trouble liking it). But on the studio sessions, he takes the songs from the album...and strips them down to their bare bones melodies...similar to his past albums. One song is an epic 13-minute jam...that kicks ass on just about everything he's ever done. So for the price of get two albums: ne of the Matisyahu you love...and one of the new Matisyahu. Record companies take note...this is how you do it.

Here are the 11 Best Song By Matisyahu:

1. Jerusalem (Youth)
2. King Without A Crown (Live at Stubbs)
3. Chop 'Em Down (Live at Stubbs)
4. Youth (Youth)
5. Watching The Wheels (Instant Karma)
6. Message in A Bottle (Chop 'Em Down)
7. WP (Youth)
8. Fire Of Heaven/Altar Of Earth (Youth)
9. Exaltation (Live at Stubbs)
10. Close My Eyes (Live at Stubbs)
11. Warrior (Live at Stubbs)

Buy the new Matisyahu album, Light.

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