Monday, October 04, 2010

The 11 Best Chris Cornell Solo Songs

lLast week, I went to the Sonic Youth/Pavement show.  There was something comforting about listening to 2 1/2 hours of fuzzy guitars and warped lyrics while pounding an Estrella Damm Inedit (best beer in the world).  Then a strange realization hit me.  Pavement's been around almost 20 years.  While Sonic Youth is pushing 30.  These two indie niche bands have surpassed many of their hitmaking contemporaries, not only in the dust, but in obscurity.  Why did they survive while all the mainstream marvels crashed and burned?

This past week Soundgarden released their greatest hits package, which many are touting as their first comprehensive compilation (did everyone forget about A-Sides?).  Soundgarden hasn't been around in over a decade.  They completely missed the 00s.  But they are coming back with a bang. Once last week's sales numbers are official, Soundgarden, will have a platinum album and the number 1 album in country.  An one has done in a long time.

What Soundgarden did was brilliant.  They are attaching their new album with every copy of the new Guitar Hero game.  For every video game sold, they sell one album.  How did they do so far?  They sold 1 million copies on the first day.  Take that Nsync.

Here are the 11 Best Chris Cornell solo songs:

1.  You Know My Name (Carry On)
2.  Sunshower (Great Expectations sdtk)
3.  Can't Change Me (Euphoria Morning)
4.  Seasons (Singles sdtk)
5.  Billie Jean (Carry On)
6.  Flutter Girl (Euphoria Morning)
7.  Time (Scream)
8.  No Such Thing (Carry On)
9.  Moonchild (Euphoria Morning)
10.  Enemy (Scream)
11.  Never Far Away Rock Version (Scream)

Buy Soundgarden's Greatest Hits Telephantasm now!!


SteveA said...

I love Seasons and Billie Jean...I also heard him do a cover of "Thank You" (the Led Zepplin classic) but I'm not sure if that's on an album or not!

Doug G said...

Awesome list. I love the Scream tracks. A shame more people didn't give it a fair listen.

Unknown said...

And when the 11 best Soundgarden songs?

Cornellaynedder said...

I'd replace Flutter Girl with When I'm Down... And good job with Seasons! what a great undiscovered song.