Thursday, October 14, 2010

The 11 best Songs By Idlewild

On my October release poll, we had one vote for the new Idlewild.  Made me think it was not worth doing a list for the band, since no one was excited to hear the album.  Then I thought, maybe the whole reason that no one is excited to hear the new album is because you guys are not familiar with the band.  Therefore, here's a catch-up for all those who don't know them.  Hope you enjoy the Scottish R.E.M.

Here Are the 11 Best Songs By Idlewild:

1.  You Held The World In Your Arms (The Remote Part)
2.  These Wooden Ideas (100 Broken Windows)
3.  A Modern Way of Letting Go (The Remote Part)
4.  Century After Century (The Remote Part)
5.  No Emotion (Make Another World)
6.  Little Discourage (100 Broken Windows)
7.  Roseability (100 Broken Windows)
8.  As If I Hadn't Slept (Warning/Promises)
9.  El Capitan (Warning/Promises)
10.  A Ghost in the Arcade (Make Another World)
11.  Everything (Make Another World)

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SteveA said...

Love Steals Us from Lonliness is my fave. I liked this band and followed them when they 1st came out and there was a buzz about them....but then I did lose track.

On the mentioned track, they really sound like REM!