Thursday, October 21, 2010

The 11 Best Songs By Ima Robot

In TV, when a show has hit a wall for new ideas, they do something called "jumping the shark" in refernce to Fonzi on Happy Days epic episode about jumping over a tank of sharks on his motorcycle.  Most of the times, the producers will have one of the characters gets pregnant because new babies add a plethera of cheesy cliche episodes about stinky diapers.  I have two kids.  I watch TV to get away from kids, not watch other people's kids...

That said, "jumping the shark" isn't just resigned to TV shows.  Bands can jump the shark.  Directors can jump the shark.  NFL quarterbacks can jump the shark.  Even companies.  Specifically...Emusic.  For years Emusic has been the indie world's darling for online music retail.  They even threatened itunes by doing everything different.  There was no DRM on the songs.  The songs were better quality.  You could download them infinite amount of times once you bought them.  And the selection was much more user friendly.

That was the case.  On Nov 1st.  Emusic will abandon everything they did that gathered them such a strong cult following and become just another online retailer like Amazon on Itunes.  You will still to have a montly account...but now instead of credits it's just money.  You will still have to pay a montly fee upfront...and if you don't use all the money by the end of the month...oops...oh well...

Why the big change?  Why is emusic tossing their salad in the face of all their fans?  Because Universal Music Group is being added.  Oooh....a bunch a music that no one at emusic wants.

Guess who's not getting renewed.

Here are the 11 Best Song By Ima Robot:

1.  The Beat (Monument To The Masses)
2.  Alive (Ima Robot)
3.  Pouring Pain (Monument To The Masses)
4.  Scream (Ima Robot)
5.  Cool Cool Universe (Monument To The Masses)
6.  Creeps Me Out (Monument To The Masses)
7.  Sing Boy (Search and Destroy)
8.  The Beat Goes On (Public Access Single)
9.  Let's Talk Turkey (Ima Robot)
10.  A Is For Action (Ima Robot)
11.  Two Hearts Too Young (Search and Destroy)

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