Friday, November 19, 2010

The 11 Best Bruce Springsteen Songs of the 00s:

There are certain albums that come along in a band's career that are above comparison.  For me, these would include The Cure's Disintegration, GNR's Appetite For Destruction, Michael Jackson's Thriller, and Pearl Jam's Ten.  These artistss have all had good careers and churned tons of great music, but these albums remain their zenith of perfection.  Each an untouchable album of pristine quality.  Bruce Springsteen's The Rising would also fall into this category.  That may be a surprising thing to say considering the momumental albums that the Boss has given to the world...Born To Run, Nebraska, Born in the USA, Darkness.  Each great.  Each an amazing album.  But to me, the Rising was something else.

The Rising was a moment in time.  America was reeling in post-tramatic stress from the 9/11 hijackings.  We didn't know how we felt and we didn't know how to feel.  One man said it all for us perfectly.  Bruce Springsteen put out an album of emotions that embodied what everyone was feeling.  Everything that we had bottled up, he let out.  He didn't shy away from hurt, from pain, or from anger.  He said everything we felt, and he felt everything we said.  Musically, it soared.  Lyrically, it was grounded.  There has really never been any other rock album in history that managed to capture a moment in American history as much as this album by Bruce.

How do you compare his other music to this?  You can't.  That doesn't mean he didn't make other good contributions.  This past decade was one of his busiest decades of his entire career.  He put out 9 albums!  While, everything was very overshadowed by The Rising...he still had some great music that should not be overlooked.

Just as epic as Darkness on the Edge of Town is...the songs that didn't make the album, have just as much going for them.  Be sure to check out the Promise...even if you're just a casual Bruce fan.  You won't be disappointed.

The 11 Best Songs By Bruce Springsteen:

1. 41 Shots (Live in New York City)
2. The Hitter (Devils + Dust)
3. Eyes on the Prize (We Shall Overcome)
4. Magic (Magic)
5. Outlaw Pete (Working on A Dream)
6. Radio Nowhere (Magic)
7. Devils + Dust (Devils + Dust)
8. Last To Die (Magic)
9. The Wrestler (Working on A Dream)
10. All The Way Home (Devils + Dust)
11. Life Itself (Working on A Dream)

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