Friday, November 05, 2010

The 11 Best Songs By N*E*R*D

When I was younger, hearing a band exhibiting a throwback sound always instigated a feeling of disgust.  I was instantly appalled by the incredible lack of creativity that the band was ripping off someone else's sound instead of creating their own.  I preferred completely unique and original bands like Guns N Roses and Depeche Mode. 

It wasn't until I was older that I realized that Axl Rose was just trying to be Rob Halford and Slash was merely mimicking Brian May.  While David Gahan and Martin Gore were trying their best to do their Roxy Music meets Kraftwerk impression.

Now, I get it.  There is nothing truly original.  So, when a band employs a quality throwback sound.  I think I enjoy it a lot more than someone trying to sound different...just to sound original.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By N*E*R*D:

1.  Run To The Sun (In Serach Of...)
2.  You Know What (Seeing Sounds)
3.  Lapdance (In Search Of...)
4.  Tape You (In Search Of...)
5.  Laugh About It (Seeing Sounds)
6.  Maybe (Fly or Die)
7.  Things Are Getting Better (In Search Of...)
8.  Drill Sargaent (Fly or Die)
9.  Rock Star (In Search Of...)
10.  Sooner or Later (Seeing Sounds)
11.  Stay Together (In Seatch Of...)

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