Monday, September 20, 2010

The 11 Best Side Project Songs By Justin Vernon

I learned about the new S.Carey release (bassist of Bon Iver) the old fashioned way:  word of mouth.  Not only did I not know that his solo album had been released, I didn't even know the bassist was out recording his own album.  Discovering a great album like this really like finding that diamond in the rough.  What makes it especially awesome is how I found out.  It wasn't in some big music magazine that did a huge spread on it.  It wasn't a feature on the radio.  And it wasn't blasted all over a music blog/web page.  I heard about it from a friend, which in all honesty is the best sign of quality when it comes to music.  Reading a review from a big corp is hard to take seriously when they have dozens of reviewer all with different tastes...all with different moods.  Your friends are your friends.  Their tastes are always their taste.

This is now the 24378th album featuring members of the indie darling Bon Iver.  Either this band is ridiculously talented...or every one else out there plain sucks.

Here are the 11 Best Side Project/Other Band Songs By Justin Vernon of Bon Iver:

1.  Island, IS (Volcano Choir - Unmap)
2.  Last Prom on Earth (Gayngs - Gayngs)
3.  Silent Signs (DeYarmond Edison - Silent Signs)
4.  A Satisfied Mind (Eau Claire Memorial Jazz I - A Decade With Duke)
5.  Ragstock (DeYarmond Edison - Silent Signs)
6.  Since I Fell For You (Eau Claire Memorial Jazz I - A Decade With Duke)
7.  Sleepymouth (Volcano Choir - Unmap)
8.  If It's True (Anais Mitchell - Hadestown)
9.  The Gaudy Side of Town (Gayngs - Gayngs)
10.  Doubt Comes In (Anais Mitchell - Hadestown)
11.  Bewtiched (Eau Claire Memorial Jazz I - A Decade With Duke)

Buy S. Carey's new album, All We!!

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