Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The 11 Best Songs By Cursive

I've been slow on the draw this month...but it's not my fault.  I blame the lack of quality music from our rock n roll vets. Outside of Van Halen...February has been a slow month for artists with solid resumes.  There have been some strong releases which I promise to get to at the end of the week for an early 2012 recap, but there haven't a lot great releases by experienced artists.  I'm not sure why Jan-Mar tend to be the dumping grounds for music.  I would think with a new year, labels would be vying for setting the stage for a new sound.  Right now...Van Halen is owning it!  A band who has been dormant for almost 30 years is now the big dog on campus.  It didn't matter that their album came out in February.  It only mattered that it came out.  Like they said in the movie Sideways, it isn't the day you decide to drink the nice bottle of wine that makes it important.  The day you drink the wine is what makes the day important.  Music should be the same.  It's not the release date that matters...only that the album is being released.

The 11 Best Songs By Cursive:

  1. Rise Up! Rise Up! (Happy Hollow)
  2. Some Red Handed Slight of Hand (The Ugly Organ)
  3. Dorothy At Forty (Happy Hollow)
  4. The Recluse (The Ugly Organ)
  5. The Martyr (Domestica)
  6. In The Now (Mama, I'm Swollen)
  7. Sierra (The Ugly Organ)
  8. Into The Fold  (Happy Hollow)
  9. Art Is Hard (The Ugly Organ)
  10. The Great Decay (Burst and Bloom)
  11. We Built This City (A.V. Under Cover)
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Chris said...

I'm still addicted to your cloud nothings suggestion earlier this year. Along w/ the new Crooked Fingers that I was late to the game on and the new Fun. album isn't half bad. Not sure what your stance is on them.

acompleteunknown said...

I'm not sold on fun. yet but I've heard the new album is pretty solid. Will need to give a listen or two.

Chris said...

he's got a pretty good voice, and there is a couple of tracks from the first album (like the opener) that sold me on them. I don't love fun, but the songs I do like, I really enjoy. There's definitely a lot of homage to Queen throughout this bands two albums as well.