Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Rush Day (2-1-12): The 12 Best Songs By Rush of the 70s

Thirty-five years into their epic ground-breaking career Rush is still not in the rock n roll Hall of Fame.  Whoever thought when we reached Rush Day (2-1-12) four decades after the release of their album, 2112, that Rush would not only still be working men...not only would they still be a spirit of radio to be reckoned with...but that would still not have received the Limelight they deserve from the rock n roll community.  There's really no excuse, especially when bands like Donovan, Dr. John, John Melloncamp and ABBA are getting in before them.  Nothing wrong with these other bands...but more influential than Rush?  Really?

This spring a new Rush album is coming...but until then...let's take a look back at their first decade of work before we celebrate the next one.

Happy Rush Day!

Here are the 12 Best Songs By Rush of the 70s:
  1. Anthem (Fly By Night)
  2. A Passage To Bangkok  (2112)
  3. 2112 (2112)
  4. Working Man  (Rush)
  5. Closer To the Heart (A Farewell To Kings)
  6. Finding My Way  (Rush)
  7. Fly By Night  (Fly By Night)
  8. La Villa Strangiato  (Hemispheres)
  9. The Twilight Zone  (2112)
  10. Hemispheres (Hemispheres)
  11. A Farewell To Kings (A Farewell To Kings)
  12. Here Again (Rush)

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