Monday, March 26, 2012

The 11 Best Songs By Paul Van Dyk

The Final Four is set. And though the tournament was ripe with some huge upsets, in the end, it was the traditional powerhouses that made it to the promised land.  Even though every other year you have the Butlers and the VCUs sneak in...for the most part there's only a handful of schools that ever do anything.  I think this is the difference between being lucky and being good.  Those who are at the top of the game are there because they've  spent years practicing and refining what it takes to be successful.  That's why they continue to have success. And that's why those who come out of the blue and have momentary fame, fizzle out fast, and become nothing more than a piece of bar trivia.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Paul Van Dyk:

  1. Another Way (Out There And Back)
  2. Talking In Grey  (In Between)  
  3. Face to Face (Out There And Back)
  4. For An Angel (45 RPM)
  5. Home (Seven Ways)
  6. White Lies  (In Between)
  7. Crush (Reflections)
  8. Together We Conquer (Out There And Back)  
  9. My World (Global)
  10. That's Life (Reflections)
  11. Complicated (In Between)
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UjjwalRaaj said...

Brilliant list. Brilliant music!

Unknown said...

Why is RAVE ME not on the list???

acompleteunknown said...

Not sure I've heard that song! What album is it on?

Unknown said...

"Heart like an ocean"