Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The 11 Best Songs By The Shins

Record Store Day is upon...just 30 days away until the greatest music day of the year.  For some reason, they're dicking around with the U.S. release list.  They've already announced all the releases for the U.K., which you can check out here.  I'm not sure what the delay is...basically the releases for the U.K. and the U.S. are practically identical.  And they add new titles every couple days leading up to the date.  Not sure what they're waiting on.  Part of the excitement of Record Store Day is the anticipation. Getting to pick through the list and check out every new available title is almost as exciting as getting home and listening to the music.  The longer they wait to announce the releases...the less time we have to do our research.  And every one knows, audiophiles having nothing else to do with our lives except sit around and do useless research.  The U.K. list is interesting.  Not as exciting as last years...but still a few nuggets in there.  Maybe the big hitters are yet to come.  April 21, we come!!!

Here are the 11 Best Songs By The Shins:

  1. New Slang (Oh, Inverted World)
  2. Spilt Needles (Wincing The Night Way) 
  3. So Says I (Chutes Too Narrow)
  4. Phantom Limb (Wincing The Night Way)
  5. Turns A Square (Chutes Too Narrow) 
  6. Nothing At All (Wincing The Night Way)
  7. Caring Is Creepy (Oh, Inverted World)
  8. Plenty Is Never Enough (SCORE! Merge Records)
  9. Turn On Me (Wincing The Night Way)
  10. Fighting In A Sack (Chutes Too Narrow)
  11. The Celibate Life (Oh, Inverted World)

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Unknown said...

You completely nailed this list. I'm so glad "Nothing At All" was included, because it defines the band's sound to a tee--even more so than "New Slang."

Lisa said...

Agreed... if this went to twelve, I would add their cover of Magnetic Fields (now there's a challenge for you) "Strange Powers"!

Lisa said...

Agreed... although if I could make it 12 I would add their cover of Magnetic Fields (now there's a challenge for you) "Strange Powers". Nice work.

Jordan H said...

I can't really complain with a list about the friggin shins because they're awesome. But I have a hard time agreeing with even half of the list. New slang is good but not the best. Seeing turn a square below so says I, split needles and phantom limb was disappointing. I like phantom limb, but honestly seeing split needles, so says I caring is creepy, the celibate life, fighting in a sack, are on there at all is kind of not really their best.
those songs aren't even half as good as sleeping lessons, saint simon, and kissing the lipless. I mean not have the last one of those on there is criminal.
Like I said theyre all good songs anyway, but I think they have better. I'm actually working on my top 10 for my blog right now, and only 3 MAYBE 4 of those are on there.
I'd like to see a modified list with songs from port of morrow on there. I don't know if you hadn't listened to it when you made the list or what, but simple song is by far one of the best.
Anyway nice-ish list.