Monday, April 02, 2012

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Rusko

Before Skrillex dubbed the hell out spaced-out teenagers high from sniffing their parents cleaning supplies, the sound he would later dominate was being refined for him by whole group of other musicians across the ocean.  I find it so interesting that the truly innovative artists who struggle to create a new sound are the ones who are left behind when that sound dominates the airwaves.  Nirvana was a success because of the years the Pixies, Sonic Youth, and Mudhoney put in.  Radiohead hit it big thanks to the Stone Roses, Suede and Pulp.  And most recently Foster The People's success can really be linked to bands like Empire of the Sun, Phoenix, and MGMT.  Sure some of the lesser known bands have their own moderate success...but it's really their job to build the foundation so someone else can come late to the game and take all the credit.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Rusko:

  1. Hold On (O.M.G!)
  2. You're On My Mind  (O.M.G!)
  3. Everyday (Everyday)
  4. Feels So Real  (O.M.G!)
  5. Jahova (FabricLive.37)
  6. Raver's Special  (O.M.G!)
  7. Acton Dread (Acton Dread EP)
  8. Dial My Number  (O.M.G!)
  9. Mr. Chips (FabricLive.37)
  10. Hammer Time (FabricLive.37)
  11. William H Tonkers (Single EP)
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trias santi said...

jahova is awesome track indeed..king george i think also one of his best track..those two track is just like they said "old but gold"