Thursday, April 12, 2012

The 11 Best Songs By M. Ward

Axl Rose might be one of the most polarizing figures in music.  The music world was reeling this week when Rose announced that he was snubbing the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame.  For the past twenty years, fans held out hope that the original line-up of GNR might reunite for this one-night event.  Now, we realize that will never happen.  This actually wasn't too big of a surprise.  Rose also said he wouldn't attend the event.  This wasn't too surprising either.  Up until this point I just shrugged my shoulder and said typical Axl.  But what he did next actually did stand out...and it was probably the one thing he did that felt incredibly douchey.  He refused his induction into the Hall of Fame.  With the first two acts...he was just being Axl Rose...but the third thing was a statement.  Nothing changed by letting himself be inducted...but Axl didn't want to be a part of it...unless it could be exactly the way he wanted it.  Not even sure what the point of that was except to come across incredibly dickish.  One journalist supported it.  And honestly, he made a good argument.  Johnny Rotten always said the Pistols would ignore the induction...and they stuck by their guns.  Axl has refused to reunite with the original line-up for that was expected. But Axl never knocked the to do this was a bit out of left field.  One might argue that Axl is a true rock star because of this...but why?  What's his cause?  Because real rock stars don't need verification of their musical genius?  I guess that would seem like the right answer if Axl didn't complain so much when he didn't get accepted by the critics or the general public.  I agree with Axl's statement that his split was Slash was like a divorce and the dream of the parents getting back together was nothing more than a dream.  But at least good parents will both show up to their kids high school graduation...regardless if the other one is there.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By M. Ward:

  1. Poison Cup (Post-War)
  2. Never Had Nobody Like You (Hold Time)
  3. Chinese Translation (Post-War)  
  4. Epistemology (Hold Time)
  5. Vincent O' Brien (Transfiguration of Vincent)
  6. Post-War (Post-War)  
  7. Carolina (End of Amnesia)
  8. Rave On (Hold Time)
  9. Eyes on The Prize (Post-War)
  10. Beautiful Car (Duets For Guitars)
  11. Sweethearts on Parade (Transistor Radio) 
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