Tuesday, April 03, 2012

The 11 Best Songs By The Great Lake Swimmers

The best time of the year is coming closer.  Record Store Day.  Finally!! the official list for the states has been released. Waiting for the list was like staring at the clock at work...waiting for it to hit 5:00...only to be told by your boss right before clocking out time that you had to stay late. Thankfully, your boss can't keep you over night and the list has arrived.  It's interesting to be sure. Some real nuggets in there.  And though there doesn't seem to be as many big releases...mostly 7"...I think I have about three times as many wishlist items as I did last  year.  It's Christmas in April for sure...and wait only gets more exciting.

One of my favorite past RSD releases is the Great Lake Swimmers Legions Sessions.  It's only fitting that it goes hand it hand with their newest release.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By The Great Lake Swimmers:

  1. Your Rocky Spine (Ongiara)
  2. Bodies and Minds (Bodies and Minds)
  3. I Saw You In the Wild (Bodies and Minds)
  4. Palmistry (Lost Channels)
  5. Song For The Angels (Bodies and Minds)
  6. Moving Pictures Silent Film (Great Lake Swimmers)
  7. Various Stages (Bodies and Minds)
  8. Pulling On A Line (Lost Channels)
  9. Gonna Make It Through This Year (Hands In Dirty Ground)
  10. This Is Not Like Home (Great Lake Swimmers)
  11. Before They Make Me Run (Alt. Country Tribute to the Rolling Stones)
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