Monday, May 21, 2012

The 11 Best Songs By Garbage

The hiatus is over.  If Garbage can come back after a seven year break...I can come back after a couple month layover for them.

The biggest challenge in creating a list for this band isn't just listening to the songs and deciding what sounds the's more about sifting through their dozens of B-sides to decide which can lay side-by-side with their album tracks...when most of their B-sides are on par with the album tracks making it that much harder to distinguish between them all.

I have probably spent more time at music stores over the years looking for rare Garbage releases.  I once made a taxi in London stop outside an HMV in hopes to find an elusive double CD for their second album, Version 2.0...and they had it!  For the first three album I have all the CD singles, promo singles, and imports.  One might think they were my favorite band...but they're not.  They just happened to be the most fun to collect.  I liked the music more because of the effort I went through to get it.  I didn't take for granted the chase.  And sometimes...the chase is the best part.

Here are the 11 Best Songs by Garbage:

  1. Only Happy When It Rains (Garbage)
  2. Vow  (Garbage)  
  3. The Trick Is to Keep Breathing (Version 2.0)
  4. Medication (Version 2.0)
  5. Special (Version 2.0)
  6. I Think I'm Paranoid (Version 2.0)
  7. Run Baby Run (Bleed Like Me)
  8. Soldier Through This (You Look So Fine)
  9. Breaking Up The Girl (Beautiful Garbage)
  10. Queer  (Garbage)
  11. Can't Seem To Make You Mine (The Trick Is To Keep Breathing)
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Chris said...

Garbage also have some really great b-sides, like the acoustic version of Medicine or their interesting cover of Thirteen.

Placebo also put out an amazing amount of b-sides and singles.

dbutler16 said...

Good list. Here's my top 11 (sort of):

1. #1 Crush
2. Dog New Tricks
3. As Heaven is Wide
4. Not My Idea
5. Driving Lesson
6. Subhuman
7. When I Grow Up
8. Androgyny
9A. Stupid Girl
9B. Trip My Wire
9C. Temptation Waits
9D. Cherry Lips (go baby go!)

Queer, Only Happy When it Rains, Milk, Push it. and Shut Your Mouth just barely missed the cut.

Michael said...

agreed - what a great band to do a list on b/c of the challenge. i forced myself down to 11 (in no particular order past 1 & 2)

1) Silence Is Golden
2) Girl Don't Come
Run Baby Run
Happy Home
Butterfly Collector
I Think I'm Paranoid
When I Grow Up
Hammering in My Head

dbutler16 said...

Now that Not Your Kind of People has come out, I'd add Automatic Systematic Habit, Blood for Poppies, The One, I Hate Love, and Battle in Me at the bottom of my top 11. Their best album since their debut, IMHO.