Friday, October 05, 2012

The 11 Best Songs By Deadmau5

With the first of the Presidential elections past this week, we're entering the critical time of the election.  And the lack of interest in the election could not be higher.  I just think people are getting too wise to the candidates empty promises...along with getting sick with both sides "fact checkers" disproving everything the other one said.  By now, we all know that the candidates will say whatever to get elected...then do the opposite once they're in office.  Therefore, I promise a new way to decide who is President.  I call it:  "Feats of Excellence." The candidates all battle in a competition-style set of contests, to decide who is most in touch with today's population.  Here's what I've come up with so far:  A pop culture trivia quiz hosted by TMZ, Best of 5 battle in the Halo arena, Skateboard Half-Pipe routine scored by Tony Hawk, Iron Chef competition hosted by Bourdain and Batali, Karaoke contest with song choices by the cast of Glee, Speed texting, and a finale where both candidates get 15 minutes to battle it out as DJs.  First of all, I think this type of competition would be a lot more fun...and second of all, let's be honest, it probably matters just as much.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Deadmau5:
  1. Ghosts N Stuff (For Lack of A Better Name)
  2. Animal Rights (4x4=12)
  3. I Remember (Random Album Title)
  4. Some Chords (4x4=12)
  5. Aural Psynapse (Aural Psynapse)
  6. Raise Your Weapon (4x4=12)
  7. Strobe (For Lack of A Better Name)
  8. Intelstat (Get Scraped)
  9. Alone With You (Random Album Title)
  10. Hi Friend! (For Lack of A Better Name)
  11. Sometimes Things Get, Whatever (Random Album Title)
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