Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The 11 Best Songs By Pinback

The video for Gangnam Style has 430 million views on Youtube.  That's more views than all of Pinback's videos combined.  It makes me wonder if I could give Psy a run for his money with my own Youtube Channel.  From now on I'll be posting videos of the songs I find on Youtube.  Some will be straight up album tracks (usually hard to find B-sides) other tracks will be live tracks from obscure gigs or even big time shows.  I want to have fun on it.  So click, enjoy, and share.

That said...I will still include the random MP3 here and there...but more of a great thing is always a great thing.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Pinback:
  1. No-Photo Blue (Summer in Abaddon)
  2. From Nothing To Nowhere (Autumn of the Seraphs)
  3. The Hatenaughts of Melancholy Wall (Autumn of the Seraphs)
  4. Bloods on Fire (Summer in Abaddon)
  5. Off By 50 (Autumn of the Seraphs)
  6. Penelope (Blue Screen Life)
  7. Manchuria (Some Voices)
  8. Good To Sea (Autumn of the Seraphs)
  9. Fortress (Summer in Abaddon)
  10. Concrete Sounds (Blue Screen Life)
  11. My Star (Too Many Shadows)
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1 comment:

Jo Barry said...

Where's "Sender", "Seville", and "Loro"?! I agree with the list for the most part, but I would definitely include these 3 as some of their best work