Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The 11 Best New Order Songs (Post 1990)

Recently Sony issued an 86 song box set of unreleased Bob Dylan recordings.  It was a European only release, limited to only 100 copies, and it was done for one reason only: because the copyrights were about to expire.  Not only is it astonishing that there are 86 unreleased Bob Dylan recordings from the early part of his career that we've yet to hear...but it's even more astonishing that Dylan has been such an iconic recording artist for over 50 years.  In today's industry it's challenging just to stay relevant from breakfast to dinner.-, let alone have people remember you a year from now.  But 50 years.  This box set is in such demand...copies of it are selling on ebay for over a $1,000.  Can you imagine anyone spending that much on Justin Beiber outtakes in 50 years?  Can you imagine anyone spending $10 on his outtakes by December?

New Order puts out their own outtake album today.  Check it out.  Thirty-two years into their career, New Order still knows how to make music worth listening to.

Here are the 11 Best New Order Songs (Post 1990):

  1. Regret (Republic)
  2. Here To Stay (International)
  3. Crystal (Get Ready)
  4. Waiting for The Siren's Call (Waiting For The Siren's Call)
  5. World in Motion (WIM single)
  6. Dracula's Castle (Waiting For The Siren's Call)
  7. Hey Now What You Doing (Waiting For The Siren's Call)
  8. Someone Like You (Get Ready)
  9. Liar (Republic)
  10. World (Republic)
  11. Special (Republic)

Buy New Order's new album of outtakes, Lost Sirens...now!!

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Unknown said...

Another good song that is unknown is inlove with you by cameron alexander http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pnXdz96kus