Monday, January 21, 2013

The 11 Best Songs By Ra Ra Riot

For sports fans, this was quite an up-and-down weekend.  As big as the NFL playoffs and the return of the NHL were, the biggest event came when Lance Armstrong was interviewed by Oprah.  How is it bigger news and treated with more fanfare when someone fucks up and lies to cover their tracks...than it is when someone actually succeeds?  Syracuse upsets #1 Louisville in college basketball, the NHL returns to action after a lockout that almost ended the season, the 49ers and Baltimore win close games to advance to the Superbowl, it's announced that the NBA is returning to Seattle next season, and in the PGA last weekend's tournament ended in a thrilling  3-way playoff.  But somehow, real athletes accomplishing real athletic achievements pales in comparison to an asshole who cheated...then lied about it.

We should treat people like Lance Armstrong like we treat terrorists...we shouldn't give them any publicity.  We should ignore them and pretend (or acknowledge) that they don't exist anymore.  I know we live in a generation where everyone wants to look over the fence into their neighbor's yard to see their neighbor's dirt but that doesn't mean we have to succumb to it.

I could do a blog with the worst songs every single time...and as fun as it would be to see the band you hate the most get a "worst" treatment, it would start getting old, especially when I started bashing your favorite band.  Just like in sports, we watch for the amazing wins...not the abysmal losses.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Ra Ra Riot:

  1. Dying Is Fine (The Rhumb Line)
  2. Valerie (Record Store Day 7")
  3. St. Peter's Day Festival (The Rhumb Line)
  4. Too Dramatic (The Orchard)
  5. Too Too Too Fast (The Rhumb Line)
  6. Ghost Under Rocks (The Rhumb Line)
  7. Boy (The Orchard)
  8. Shadowcasting (The Orchard)
  9. Each Year (The Rhumb Line)
  10. Manner To Act (Daytrotter Session 2)
  11. Do You Remember (The Orchard)
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