Friday, April 18, 2014

The 11 Best Songs By EMA

This weekend and last weekend, Coachella will reign/reigned supreme.  It's the yearly sabbatical to spend three days in the hot sweltering dessert with overpriced water, lots of dirt, while networking with people you wouldn't normally sit next to in a Starbucks.  The only reason anyone deals with it is for the over-inflated line-up of everyone's favorite band of the moment.  I mean, does anyone listen to music from last year's line-up?  Phoenix?  Vampire Weekend?  They are so...last year.  I have never been to Coachella.  I would like to go once in my life.  I'm waiting for the Smiths to reunite for the show...or at least Jellyfish before I make the $400 plunge.  I grew on the original Lollapalooza.  I've had my fair share of summers days spent around mountains of dirt just so I could get close to Layne Staley or Les Claypool (ask your parents).  But Coachella has done something bold that Lollapalooza has never done.  It's something so daring, it makes we want to go to the show out of appreciation for their generosity.  They stream the entire for free.  No other organization out there would think of streaming the concert...and if they did it...they'd never do it live...and absolutely never for free.  But Coachella has created a new standard and dared every other festival concert to do better.  I spent the whole weekend watching some of the best live performances I've seen in a long time.  Empire of the Sun, Foster The People, MGMT, Pharrell, Nas, The Pixies and Skrillex all gave me a private show in the comfort of my own home.  Thanks Coachella!  And if you have to go vegan to get Morrissey to play...I'm good with that.  I'll pack my hamburger to go. Here are the 11 Best Songs By EMA:
  1. Grey Ship (Past Life Martyred Saints)
  2. Angelo (Marked)
  3. Red Star (Past Life Martyred Saints)
  4. Soul On Fire (Soul On Fire)
  5. Breakfast (Past Life Martyred Saints)
  6. Kind Heart (The Grey Ship)
  7. Take One Two (Take One Two)
  8. Anteroom (Past Life Martyred Saints)
  9. Marked (Past Life Martyred Saints)
  10. Cowboy (Little Sketches On Tape)
  11. California (Past Life Martyred Saints)
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