Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The 11 Best Songs By The Horrors

There's been a lot of outrage over Michael Sam getting drafted by the NFL.  Some players have sent obnoxious tweets.  Some people have claimed he has no right in the NFL.  Others are mad because he kissed another man on national TV.  But the people who are getting the angriest are the ones who are saying that the haters should be defended and have the right to say whatever they want.  Haters shouldn't be punished for having a negative reaction.  It's their freedom of speech right to talk shit about others.  On one end, they are correct, the players should have a right to voice their opinions freely.
...on another end, they're completely contradicting themselves.
Many people are using the example of Tim Tebow...that his post-play actions, filled with religious praise, were constantly ridiculed and the haters were allowed to do this without repercussion.  First off, let me say, anyone who made fun of Tebow's actions is an asshole.  Tebow was one of the most exciting, electric players to play football in the past decade.  As a Bronco fan, I was sad to see him go.   Peyton hasn't won us a championship yet.  Players are supposed to be emotional.  They're supposed to be loud.  I enjoyed Tebow's antics.  They were a great part of the game.  But how ridiculed was Tebow really?  Was he as ridiculed as much as the religious sector claimed he was ridiculed?  With the recent issues over Sam, I went back and looked at what Tebow had to endure.  Yeah, there were some douche bag radio hosts who mocked him...but they mocked everyone.  One writer said that an opposing fan held up a "Welcome To Hell" sign at a football game.  The writer made a point that the sign was meant for Tebow.  Was it really?  It's a football game.  That's one of the nicest signs I've seen a rival team's fan hold up.  That's nothing...if it was actually meant for Tebow...or the whole team.  Also, they mentioned a Detroit player mocking Tebow's post-play prayer after sacking him.  That's what defensive players do. They mock the player they tackle.  They did it to Terrell Owens and they did it to Cam Newton.  In fact, they do it to everyone.  Getting just a waste of time.
But here's where the contradiction comes in.  The NFL didn't fine Don Jones for his mocking tweet...The Miami Dolphins did.  The same team that dealt with bullying issues last year.  They were sweeping something under the rug before it became another embarrassment.  And the same rights that everyone is bitching about Don Jones having...The Dolphins as employers have too.  They have contracts.  And the players have specific off-the-field decorum they must follow.  As an employer...if an employee breaks these rules, the employer is allowed to fine them.  Just as Donald Trump had the right to fire Miss California for not following the rules of the Miss America pageant, the Dolphins have the right has employers to enact their own rules.  I'm sure as a business man, Donald Trump stands by the Dolphins' rights...right?
Here are the 11 Best Songs By The Horrors:
  1. I Can See Through You (Skying)
  2. Scarlet Fields (Primary Colours)
  3. Draw Japan (Strange House)
  4. Mirror's Image (Primary Colours)
  5. You Said (Skying)
  6. She Is the New Thing (Strange House)
  7. Moving Further Away (Skying)
  8. Three Decades (Primary Colours)
  9. Little Victories (Strange House)
  10. Seas Within A Sea (Primary Colours)
  11. Who Can Say (Primary Colours)
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