Sunday, May 04, 2014

The 11 Best Songs By The Chris Robinson Brotherhood

 They say cassettes tapes are making a comeback.  It's true.  And it's not a retro hipster, trend for colored sock wearing, organic clothing-only, beard smoking 20-somethings.  It's a physical device that is so innovative that one cassette can hold up to 185 terabytes.  That's the equivalent of about 370 laptops of hard drive space.  That's the equivalent of about 3,500 Blu-Rays.  It's enough space to hold every album ever released between the years 1991 and right now.  Or that's the equivalent space to hold about half of the Grateful Dead bootlegs.
What the most interesting thing about this, isn't the insane about of space provided, it's how all the while streaming and cloud services are getting stronger and better quality, there has a resurgence for audiophiles to return to physical releases.  It's a poignant statement that music may not just be an audible medium.  That it is a physical and visual one as well.  Owning an album, is like owning a piece of the band.  It makes it more personal and connective. Even if it's on cassette.
Here are the 11 Best Songs By The Chris Robinson Brotherhood:
  1. Vibration and Light Suite (The Magic Door)
  2. Beware, Oh Take Care (Big Moon Ritual)
  3. Star or Stone (Big Moon Ritual)
  4. Girl I Love You (7-inch single)
  5. Rosalee (Big Moon Ritual)
  6. Little Lizzie Mae (The Magic Door)
  7. That's How Strong My Love Is (7-inch single)
  8. Someday Past The Sunset (The Magic Door)
  9. Appaloosa (The Magic Door)
  10. Blue Suede Shoes (7-inch single)
  11. Wheel Don't Roll (The Magic Door)
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