Thursday, May 22, 2014

The 11 Best Songs By Coldplay

Coldplay has the dubious distinction of being that band that everyone loves but no guy ever admits that they actually like.  When your friends come over to your house and see a Coldplay CD sitting around, you make up some excuse that it actually belongs to your mom.  This works since no one buys CDs anymore except old people.  Coldplay may not be the opening music to the next heavyweight championship or football send-off. No one cruises around looking for chicks while blasting Coldplay.  And you're not going to hear the band being played over the background of your favorite video game.  But Coldplay, believe it or cooler than all that.  At the end of the day, as soft as their music is...every chick in the world wants Chris Martin.  And that in itself is winning.
Here are the 11 Best Songs By Coldplay:
  1. Viva La Vida (Viva La Vida)
  2. Don't Panic (Parachutes)
  3. Clocks (A Rush Of Blood To The Head)
  4. Speed of Sound (X&Y)
  5. Square One (X&Y)
  6. The Scientist (A Rush Of Blood To The Head)
  7. Life in Technicolor ii (Prospekt's March)
  8. Talk (X&Y)
  9. Major Minus (Mylo Xyloto)
  10. Violet Hill (Viva La Vida)
  11. White Shadows (X&Y) 
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Unknown said...

Hey, what of paradise. That song rocks!