Monday, September 15, 2014

The 11 Best Songs By Ryan Adams And The Cardinals

With such a big week of releases and the awesome return for a few big artists...who has the time to write about all of them.   I'm doing my best to catch here's another post from the book...with one alteration.  In the book, I only rank the best songs by an artist between the years 2000-2009.  But Ryan Adams added a couple more songs to the Cardinals catalog in I thought I'd throw them in for fun. _______________________________________________________________ Obsession with Ryan Adams does not have to do with the music he makes as much as it has to do with the amount of music he makes.  Over the course of the decade, this heartbreaker has released twelve official albums, half a dozen EPs, and over fifty non-album tracks.  He has had six unreleased albums leak to the internet along with a 5-volume, 25-disc, 350-song live bootleg collection.  Listening to Ryan Adams’ music isn’t as exciting as trying to collect it all.  Ryan Adams fans don’t discuss what our favorite album is, we discuss:  what unreleased material do you have?  This list focuses only on his songs with the Cardinals.  I mean, who has time to include all his music? Fun Fact:  Besides performing solo, Ryan Adams has a glam metal band called Orion, a punk band called The Finger, a death metal band called Werewolph, a hardcore-punk band called The Shit and a hip-hop persona, called DJ Reggie.  The 11 Best Songs by Ryan Adams & The Cardinals:
  1. If I Am A Stranger (Cold Roses)
  2. Don't Fail Me Now (Jacksonville City Nights)
  3. How Do You Keep Love Alive (Cold Roses)
  4. Lovely And Blue (III/IV)
  5. Sweet Illusions (Cold Roses)
  6. Always On My Mind (Jacksonville City Nights B-Side)
  7. Majik (Cardinology)
  8. P.S. (III/IV)
  9. These Girls (Easy Tiger)
  10. Let It Ride (Cold Roses)
  11. The Hardest Part (Jacksonville City Nights)
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