Thursday, April 23, 2015

The 11 Biggest Flips of Record Store Day 2015

You can't read anything about Record Store Day anymore without reading some article whose author spends pages of digital content, complaining about the vinyl holiday. "It's killing independent stores," "it excludes indie labels," and it's only for unnecessary major label titles."  You know what would be worse than Record Store Day?  NO RECORD STORE DAY.  A world where there is nothing promoting independent records stores, causing them to fade and dissolve into music history alongside the 8-track, mini-disc, and reel-to-reel.  But today, music stores are alive and part, thanks to record store day.  Record stores having to deal with throngs of audiophiles twice a year (Black Friday) is a way better scenario than dealing with foreclosure.  .
Another complaint comes from independent labels themselves who have found their material excluded by the event coordinators.  Read here about Father/Daughter's comp, which seemed like a rather cool release.  Sure there are some releases that get excluded...and there are some titles that seem unnecessary.  But even if we're talking about 10% of the titles or even 25% of the released titles being unnecessary...that still leaves 300 great vital releases!  Isn't it worth some crap to get some gold?  That said, I'm not even sure how we determine which titles are unnecessary.  I read bloggers claiming the Citizen Dick release was the most unnecessary title this's an unreleased Pearl Jam song from the 1991/Ten era version of the band!  I bought it and it's the title I've listened to more than any other release.  If someone wants to buy them...then doesn't that make them necessary?  (and the Citizen Dick record just missed this the 12th most popular record flip is somehow unnecessary?  Okay...)
That's hard to determine prior to the holiday which albums will sell out in seconds and which ones will linger until August.  Some of the most talked about releases including Courtney Barnett, Brian Eno, and Run The Jewels were still available at stores late on Sunday afternoon.  While others (like Brand New) had people lining up the night before.  I mean seriously, how is Brand New's reissue of a 12-year old album that is readily available on Spotify and itunes AND coming out in wide release next month the number one Ebay flip merely because it comes in a paper bag?  Every store I visiting had people waiting 12-24 hours for this record.
For this list, I determined the ranking based on list price versus Ebay sale...and what was the greatest increase in comparison to the price.  Stereogum lists Jurassic 5's $100 Ebay sale as a big flip...but the list price was $90 to begin with.  That's only a $10 increase.  Same with Phish's Live 1995 6-disc set that listed at $160 but sold for $200.  The biggest flips versus price, I believe, truly shows what were the must-have vinyls of RSD 2015.
Here are the biggest Ebay Flips of Record Store Day 2015:
  1. Elvis Presley - My Happiness (List price $12 - Ebay price $245) 20.5x increase
  2. Brand New - Deja Entendu (List price $28 - Ebay price $384) 13.7x increase
  3. Interpol - Everything Is Wrong (List price $9 - Ebay price $99) 11x increase
  4. John Prine - September 78 (List price $25 - Ebay price $227) 10.1x increase
  5. David Bowie - Changes (List price $11 - Ebay price $99) 9x increase
  6. Bob Dylan - Basement Tapes (List price $30 - Ebay price $250) 8.3x increase
  7. Citizen Dick - Touch Me I'm Dick (List price $11 - Ebay price $69) 6.3x increase
  8. Ryan Adams - Come Pick Me Up (List price $9 - Ebay price $59) 5.9x increase
  9. U2 - Songs of Innocence (List price $36 - Ebay price $199) 5.5x increase
  10. Twenty One Pilots - The LC LP (List price $20 - Ebay price $99) 4.9x increase
  11. Foo Fighters - Songs From The Laundry Room (List price $20 - Ebay price $99) 4.9x increase
Honorable Mention:
Paul McCartney's Sweet Trash sold for a ridiculous $895 but I didn't include it since it's signed by Sir Mac (which obviously alters the true value of the vinyl).
Here are some other fun lists:

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