Monday, October 01, 2007

THE UNKNOWN: Foo Fighters - For My Disgrace

I haven't played it yet. It's been out a week and no matter how hard I've tried I haven't been able to get my hands around it. The problem is that I'm married and my wife won't allow me to get it. She thinks I'll spend too much time on it. She thinks that I need to be doing important things like working and taking care of our kid. Look, hands down...this might be the most important release of the year. There is nothing else out there that has as much important as this. If I don't get it, then I'm never going to feel adequate with my friends. Everything I've heard about it is amazing. It's supposedly one of the best releases of all time. I am so bummed!

Besides the epic release of Halo 3...the Foo Fighters new disc came out last week. If you haven't bought really should. Supposedly it's great to listen to while playing Halo 3. But I'm not allowed to get an Xbox in the how would I know?

I know I promised a Part 2 of the 3 part Foo Fighters B-side anthology...but I decided to skip 2 due to time constraints. Here is part three...

Foo Fighters - For My Disgrace

1. The One
2. The Sign
3. Skin & Bones
4. Kiss The Bottle
5. Normal
6. Spill
7. I'm In Love With A German Film Star
8. I Feel Fine
9. Born on the Bayou
10. FFL
11. Never Talking To You Again
12. World (demo)

Buy the new Foo Fighters here and here and here....all for under $10.


Mark said...

Where can I e-mail about great undiscovered music?

João said...

Thanks! I have mostly all b-sides, but I'm still downloading these compilations just because I think it's pretty cool to have all the b-sides organize like this... I mean, the names you gave them... they're really funny. I'm actually going to burn these songs to a cd and print the covers you made!

Nathan & Erin said...

Thanks for the files!!

If you are able to post the files for part 2 it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for 1 & 3 though!

Andrew said...

Thanks a lot - It's great to listen to. Are we going to get part 2?

Keith said...

Gotta hand it to you JPaul, I thought I had everything, and you hit me with three missing gems. No offense to Dave Grohl, but I spend a good $50 per album on import singles, but there are just too many tracks to track down. This blog rocks.

Drew said...

Thanks. I just recently stated really getting into the Foo Fighters so I didn't have any of these. Good stuff!

Billy said...

This one was great, but I'm dying for the other Garbage B-sides disc (Fusion). Any plans on posting it anytime soon? I went out and purchased Absolute Garbage like you suggested.

DJ Starbunny™ said...

Love the post and the B Sides. I have a similar affair with the Foo and just made a Foo post on my blog: get the Foos Band on the Run Wings cover at

TJ O'Neill said...

Hey, I found your blog via hype machine and love the whole concept. Took both Foo B-Side albums and already have ESPAG and am in love with it. Keep up the awesomeness

Dan & Robin said...

This is incredible!! I have no trouble tracking down rares and such online, but I've never found these two collections anywhere. Very nice to not have to run down every import and single to have these.

Can we PLEASE, PLEASE, have the second part, There is Something Left to Win, whenever you get the chance? I'm not saying it even has to be this year, lol, just could we please get it uploaded one day eventually?

I have this blog bookmarked so I'll check back often. Thanks again man! Also, don't know if you upload song by song because of connection issues or the like, but a real time saver would be for you to throw all the MP3s in a ZIP file, and just upload that.

P.S. For any Nirvana fans reading this, if you haven't already heard, check this blog out for EVERYTHING you could ever want, demoes, b-sides, rare live tracks, it even has Kurt's 1985 Fecal Matter demo tape, enjoy!