Friday, September 09, 2016

Reimagining Fleetwood Mac - Lindsey Buckingham Edition

 Day of three finds us looking in at the driving guitar force of Fleetwood Mac, with Lindsey Buckingham.  There's no denying that adding Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham to the Fleetwood Mac mix completely elevated the band to another level.  Each one had such a distinct sound, when coupled together they form a complex companionship.  Separated, you can hear their unique voices in a more complete setting.

 In this experiment, not every song works.  Again, this isn't a "best of."  It's about what group of songs can cohesively go together to form an album.  Now while Tusk is pretty much a full Fleetwood Mac contribution, it's really Lindsey's baby (not to mention that it there was some good extra credit in there for a few USC students) hence its inclusion.

 Enjoy and let me know which edition is your favorite.

Here is Buckingham Mac:
  1. Tusk (Tusk)
  2. Tango In The Night (Tango In The Night)
  3. Big Love (Tango In The Night)
  4. Empire State (Mirage)
  5. Go Your Own Way (Rumors)
  6. Family Man (Tango in the Night)
  7. Can't Go Back (Mirage)
  8. Monday Morning (Fleetwood Mac)
  9. What Makes You Think You're The One (Tusk)
  10. Caroline (Tango In The Night)
  11. I'm So Afraid (Fleetwood Mac)


Gregory J Burie, Jr. said...

I am having a hard time accepting "Never Going Back Again" being left off this list.

acompleteunknown said...

Remember...this is not a "best of" list. This is an experiment of what a cohesive Lindsey Buckingham-led Fleetwood Mac album may have sounded like. I tried not to do only the best songs...but a collection of songs that worked well together.