Wednesday, July 25, 2007

THE UNKNOWN: Garbage - Another Woman's Treasure - part 2

Right now the world is talking about 3 things:The Simpsons movie - woohoo!, Lindsay Lohan's fun-filled Monday night (who gets drunk on a Monday night?), and the Presidential debate on Youtube. As cool as it seems like having the general public asking the Presidents's still the general public. These are the people who helped the movie "Wild Hogs" earn 200 million at the box office. Are these really the people you want to ask questions of the next person to run the White House and the most powerful job in the known universe? Do you really think they understand the delicate situation in Darfur or just think it was a funny name on a John Lennon tribute album? That's not a trick question by the way. If you really want to include the general public into the Presidential process, then maybe you should consider something novel like...letting everyone vote for the next President. I can't remember the last time we were able to do that.

Garbage is one of those bands who puts out almost as many B-sides as they do album tracks. At last count they had 47 album tracks and 39 B-sides. That's not a bad competition. I've broken up the B-sides into two albums: Another Woman's Treasure (tracks culled from Garbage and Version 2.0) and Fusion (tracks culled from Beautiful Garbage and Bleed Like Me).

Another Woman's Treasure

All broken links should be fixed...sorry about that!!

1. #1 Crush
2. Girl Don't Come
3. Soldier Through This
4. Sleep
5. Subhuman
6. The World Is Not Enough
7. Afterglow
8. Deadwood
9. Lick The Pavement
10. Trip My Wire
11. Kick My Ass
12. Can't Seem To Make You Mine
13. Thirteen
14. 13 x Forever
15. Driving Lesson
16. Get Busy With The Fizzy
17. Tornado
18. Alien Sex Fiend
19. Butterfly Collector

Buy Garbage's new greatest hits package...Absolute Garbage with the bonus remix's fantastic. No really, the remixes are quite fantastic.


aj7 said...

THANKS! I have been a G fan since '95 and i used to have all their b-sides and lost them all!

By the way i don't mean to complain but the Lick The PAvement file you posted is actually Deadwood again.

aj7 said...
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aj7 said...

Fantastic. fyi-the "Kick My Ass" file is actually "Can't Seem To Make You Mine" again and "Trip My wire" is actually "Lick The Pavement"

:) Can't wait for the beautifulgarbage and Bleed Like Me b-sides. By the way, do you also have "All The Good In This Life"? I can't find that one anywhere yet

Ethan said...

Any chance the second volume will be coming any time soon?

abbey said...

thank you, thank you, thank you.
i've been looking everywhere for these b-sides. of course i'm a hard core fan, but my comp crashed(how common is that?)
but now, i'm definitely going to back this up.
and you're totally right about the presidential election. let the PEOPLE vote!

btw, i know "all the good in this life" is really hard to find. i think it was only released on vinyl. you don't have it by any chance, do you?

i totally appreciate this...
*total karma*

todd said...

I'm guessing Fusion isn't coming? I own eighteen of these but never saw the newer singles to buy.