Sunday, July 01, 2007

THE UNKNOWN: Country Mike's Greatest Hits

In the year 2000, Garth Brooks and Mike D of the Beastie Boys were caught in a transportation machine made popular by the movies "The Fly" and "The Fly 2." Only instead of turning into a bug, they swapped out each other musical personalities. Garth Brooks thought he was a rock star and went around calling himself Chris Gaines, even recording a rock album under that name. Mike D on the other hand thought he was a country music star by the name of Country Mike. Ad Rock and MCA were so scared that Mike might going on a drinking binge and run over his dog, they appeased him until they could figure out what was wrong with him. So they did what Mike wanted to do, they recorded a country album. Fearing the public backlash, they didn't release it record stores...but only told Mike they did. It wasn't until Michael J. Fox came to the rescue in his flying Delorian were they able to switch Garth and Mike D back. Sadly, they were not able to recover Garth's musical talents and his career suffered because of it.

This sacred country album has remained hidden until now...

Here is - Country Mike's Greatest Hits (in order to download this must buy the Beastie Boys new all-instrumental album, The Mix-Up. If you do not do this, Garth Brooks will be sent to your house where he will live with you for 30 days. Please note: that Garth is not housebroken.)

1. Sloppy Drunks
2. Railroad Blues (available on Anthology)
3. We Can Do This
4. Country Delight
5. Don't Let The Air Out of My Tires
6. How Do You Mend An Achin' Heart
7. One Song A Night
8. Country Christmas
9. Kenny Jones
10. Country Mike's Theme (available on Anthology)
11. On Your Way Up Again
12. We Can Do This (Live)
13. The Half-Wit

Since "Country Mike's Theme" and "Railroad Blues" are available on the Anthology as well as for purchase individually on iTunes, I have left those off. You can buy those's called compromise.


Eric said...

Interesting songs from Mike D.

I must ask, what are the chances of a repost of Black Sunshine from your Soundgarden collection?

Jason said...

I've had a ridiculous amount of emails for a the liklihood is high (but probably not until the end of summer)...I was also going to do a post of unreleased demo songs probably sooner in the future.

some guy from new jersey said...

And there I thought I knew everything about Country Mike that needed to be known.

Where did you get these tracks. Amazing. -ly bad.

But still Mike D so how can you not listen. It's much more listen-able to "The Mix-Up" Ugh.

bavarian said...

Dude Country Mike i heard came around bc he got hit in the head on tour and he lost his memories. and as he was getting his memory back he though he was a country singer, his doctor told the adrock and mca to go with it or it could mike d would...idk lose it